Author: 林振輝
Lin, Zhenhui
Title: 中国手机使用者选择短信沟通媒介的影响因素研究
Zhongguo shou ji shi yong zhe xuan ze duan xin gou tong mei jie de ying xiang yin su yan jiu
Other Title: The influencing factors in choosing short message service: a study of mobile phone users in China
Degree: D.Mgt.
Year: 2008
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Cellular telephones -- Social aspects -- China.
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: xiv, 226 leaves : ill., charts ; 30 cm.
Language: Chinese
Abstract: Based on technology acceptance model (TAM) from theory of reasoned action,we study the influencing factors in choosing short message service (SMS) for Chinese mobile subscribers. An integrated model is presented with variables including subjective norm (SN) from the theory of planned behavior (TPB), perceived playfulness from the motivation model (MM), and habit, perceived cost, culture of communication, task type, and communication environment, as specific features. Previous studies on technology adoption and media choosing have established attitude-intention-behavior as the mainstream research approach. However, few studies have analyzed the behavioral characteristics in choosing SMS among Chinese mobile subscribers under the integration framework. After qualitative analysis and two pre-tests, 969 samples data from formal investigation is collected in Guangzhou, Wuhan and Kunming. Through structural equation modeling (SEM) by AMOS software, the relationship between the variables is tested. The results indicate that: (1) The original TAM model can not fully explain the action of SMS adoption in this study, and the TAM model needs to be enhanced by adding habit factor in SMS adoption. (2) The influence of habit is reflected on the main effect. For Chinese subscribers, habit, instead of willingness, becomes the most important factor for SMS adoption. The mobile subscribers use SMS in habit-driven mode rather than willingness-driven mode, and willingness is no longer an influencing factor at this stage. At the same time, habit will enhance the interaction between adoption attitude and willingness. (3) When Chinese subscribers select communication media, perceived playfulness is the most important factor to influence the adoption attitude, and the second most important factor is perceived easy-of-use. Perceived usefulness and perceived cost have minimal influence. (4) Culture of communication and the attitude of others have significant influence on the SN, which will impact the adoption willingness. This also reflects the collectivism and the face concern in Chinese culture, and it is an evidence of SN factor in TRA. (5) Several measures, e.g., fostering and adapting to the habit of the subscribers, increasing the playfulness and easy-of-use of SMS communication, can be employed by mobile operators to dramatically boost the usage of SMS by China's mobile subscribers in the communication. This study contributes to the TAM in that a new integrated research model is provided, with habit, perceived playfulness, culture of communication and others as the influencing variables. The influencing factors in choosing SMS technology for Chinese subscribers is first studied, and verified by the data collected in China's mainland. The integrated model can be used as a research basis for furthering studies on the influencing factors in adopting new communication media technology (MMS, IM, etc.) and new mobile phone services.
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