Author: Sit, Hei-ying Amy
Title: The knowledge and compliance of universal precautions among clinical nurses in a district hospital in Hong Kong
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2000
Subject: Nurses -- Health and hygiene -- China -- Hong Kong
Bloodborne infections -- Prevention
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Pages: Nil
Language: English
Abstract: Background and objective: Guidelines for Universal Precautions (U.P.) designed to protect healthcare workers from occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens have been developed by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These guidelines have been adopted by the HK Hospital Authority and all HA hospitals. Since this guideline has been implemented in the study hospital for about two years, the objectives of the present study were to determine the degree of understanding and utilization of Universal Precautions among clinical nurses. Setting: The study was conducted in a new and acute general hospital with about 700 beds in Hong Kong. The hospital has been operation for about two years. Gloves and needle disposal containers were available in each treatment room; gowns, masks, and goggles were readily available. Participants: Nurses in clinical areas of the hospital including ward managers, nursing officers, registered nurse and enrolled nurses were invited to participate in this study. Methods: The study design included 2 phases; (1) Self-report phase, which determined the nurses' knowledge of universal precautions and perceived risk of blood-born infection, and practice barriers to performance of Universal Precautions among them. The anonymous questionnaires were distributed to all clinical nurses. (2) The observational phase was for evaluation of nurses' current practice with Universal Precautions. Clinical nurses selected by randomization method for observation on their performance with Universal Precautions. Results: 397 clinical nurses were asked about the knowledge and perceived risk of blood-borne infection by self-reported questionnaire. 308 properly completed questionnaires were returned giving a 77.6% response rate. From the survey, problematic practice barriers identified in the group were gloves interfere with blood sampling procedure, protective clothing are uncomfortable, too busy to use UP, and concerns about offending patients and visitors. Self-reported practice rates were slightly higher than in all cases in observation. For the observation survey, 63(16%) clinical nurses were observed on UP practice. The overall compliance rate in observation was 51.2% and the average percentage on appropriate was 40.13%. Conclusion: Universal precautions are not consistently used by clinical nurses, and then significantly overestimate their compliance with Universal Precautions in self-reported questionnaires. A comparison of observed and self-reported compliance with Universal Precautions among clinical nurses at a district hospital: Implications for assessing infection control programs. Especially, educational strategies focusing on perceived risk of blood-borne infection and skill on the use of protective clothing or equipment to improve the understanding and adoption of UP by nurses are required.
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