Author: Lee, Ip-ki Ricky
Title: Social workers' attitudes on applying marketing strategies for the family service centre in the non-government organization
Degree: M.A.
Year: 1999
Subject: Social service -- China -- Hong Kong -- Marketing
Social workers -- China -- Hong Kong -- Attitudes
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Pages: ix, 95, [9] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Marketing concept had been commonly implemented in the profit-making organization, but its application in the non-profit organizations was only developed in the 1980s. In Hong Kong, the application of marketing concept in the non-profit making organization had only received attention since 1990s, and rarely did the application of marketing concept be discussed in the social service organizations. This research aims at, mainly, exploring the social workers' attitudes on marketing through the process of application of marketing plan and implementation of marketing strategies in the family service centre of the non-government organization in Hong Kong. It also attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing strategies, i.e. (1) the articles to district/community newspaper; (2) the survey with outreaching approach; (3) the visits to social service agencies; and (4) the fun-fair and exhibition programmes, on improving the case intakes of the centre. Qualitative research methods, using focus group interviews/meetings and evaluation interviews with general interview guide approach, were used in this study. Five social workers in the family service centre were invited to be the members of the focus group to work out the marketing plan, implement and evaluate the marketing strategies. Five non focus-group social workers in the same centre were interviewed individually to explore their attitudes towards marketing concepts and the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. Quantitative data were also collected from the centre's statistical figure to measure the outcome of the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. The finding reflects that both focus group and non-focus group social workers have positive view towards the application of marketing concept in the family service centre. Focus group social workers have better understanding on the marketing concept and process of marketing, but the step of design and implementation of marketing strategies had been over-emphasized in the marketing plan. The importance of setting objectives, SWOT analysis and marketing research had been neglected. Cultivation of marketing culture and training on marketing concept were suggested. The finding also indicates that the effectiveness of different marketing strategies is difficult to be measured because of the time lag and the intervening environmental factors in the relationship between marketing strategies and the improvement of case intake. Social workers perceived that the liaison with the social service agencies and other community organizations was essential in stimulating their referral of potential service users. The survey with outreaching approach could also be regarded as marketing research practice to identify the needs of potential service users and building initial rapport with them. These two strategies, both were the face-to-face approach, were perceived as effective from the social workers' perspectives.
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