Author: Hui, Wai-yee Wendy
Title: Reengineering the treasury management : a case study in the Hong Kong Housing Authority
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1997
Subject: Corporations -- Finance -- Case studies
Hong Kong Housing Authority
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Computing
Pages: 107 leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The topic of the dissertation is "Re-engineering the Treasury Management : A Case Study in the Housing Authority". The main objective of the dissertation is to formulate a Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) model / models for treasury management through the case study of the BPR project in Housing Authority (HA) on treasury processes. The author is now working in HA as a systems accountant and is participating as the project coordinator in the BPR project in treasury management, i.e. the Cash and Funds Management System, abbreviated as CFMS - the case study for this dissertation. Chapter 1 of the dissertation gives an introduction on re-engineering, treasury management and explains why there is a need for re-engineering the treasury management processes. Chapter 2 describes the objectives of the dissertation and the approaches of the dissertation. The author will mainly base on case study methodology, in addition, survey method will be used to verify and endorse the model. This chapter will also describe the limitations of the dissertation. Chapter 3 proceeds to introduce the background of HA and how its treasury management currently works. Chapter 4 describes the problems with the HA's treasury processes before reengineering and explains why there is a need for a total redesign of the treasury processes. Chapter 5 covers the literature review of various authors' paper on BPR models and best practices. Chapter 6 describes the two BPR models for Treasury Management derived by the author, namely the Critical Success Factor (CSF) model and the 4-phase model. Chapter 7 describes the case study Cash and Funds Management System (CFMS) in detail including : the scope and objectives of the project; the project organization structure; the alternatives considered; and Information Systems and Information Technology explored; and the details of the project development. The BPR models on Treasury Management derived by the author will be adopted to analyze the project. Chapter 8 evaluates the CFMS project and describes what have been changed to the treasury management processes after reengineering. Chapter 9 assesses the appropriateness of the two models. Apart from using the CFMS project to evaluate the BPR models on Treasury Management derived by the author, the results of the survey will also be used to evaluate the suitability of the CSF model to treasury management. The survey results based on responses from over 80 organizations both from the public sector and the private sector, help the author understand the extent of the use of IT in treasury processes, the characteristics between the public and the private sectors in regard to treasury processes. The last chapter, Chapter 10, is a conclusion summary of the dissertation. It sums up the objectives and the approaches of the dissertation, the models proposed by the author, the evaluation of CFMS project and the BPR models. The author also proposes areas for further research on the BPR for treasury for different industries and countries; and the study on the potential use of other modern IT such as internet for treasury activities.
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