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Department:Department of Managementen_US
Author:Lam, Hang-ngo Catherineen_US
Title:The value of corporate image in the retail banking business in Hong Kongen_US
Abstract:Corporate image - a red hot topic in modern corporate life - is one of the critical aspects of organizational function and management. Although corporations have long realized the value of polishing the image of their products/services in the competitive arena, they now have to package and sell themselves all. Only a reputable and positive corporate image, which is properly defined and implemented, is one of the keys to business success. This project is an effort to help those faced with the responsibility of building their corporate identity and projecting their image into today's hectic business environment. It has been focused on the analysis of the value of corporate image in the retail banking business in Hong Kong; to identify how the banking industry could integrate and respond to the changes and challenges; and to explore their strategic moves in the near future. To begin with, the concept of corporate image has been introduced; the architecture of corporate image has been painted with a practical example of how Landmark Bancshares acquired its new look. With an overview of the retail banking business in Hong Kong, two surveys had been conducted to analyze the situation on the respective sample. The results do not only reflect on the situation of how the six judgmental banks (the sample) evaluate themselves, but also on the impression of how they are being perceived by the general public; as well as their effectiveness of their respective image campaign. Issues on crisis management has also been covered with local examples on the Bank Run in 1991 and the HongkongBank's Fire Incident in 1994. In conclusion, in order to enjoy the competitive edge over the rival players in Hong Kong's banking industry, there must be a vital link between the organization's strategic objectives, its business performance as well as a well-planned and effective corporate image. A number of tools have been recommended with a view to the future outlook of the business in the years to come.en_US
Pages:vii, 95, [30] leaves : col. ill. ; 30 cmen_US
Degree:All Masteren_US
Subject:Banks and banking -- China -- Hong Kongen_US
Subject:Corporate image -- China -- Hong Kongen_US
Subject:Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertationsen_US
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