Author: Hong, Celina
Title: A study of the learning ability, attitude and motivation of part-time students within the Caritas context and the implications for teaching and course structure of the Design programme
Degree: M.Ed.
Year: 2001
Subject: Students, Part-time -- China -- Hong Kong
Design -- Study and teaching -- China -- Hong Kong
Adult education -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: School of Professional Education and Executive Development
Pages: x, 90 leaves ; c30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The focus of my study falls upon a class of students who studied part-time interiors at Caritas. This study involves: - their motivation for enrolling in night classes; - their difference of learning attitude between that at Caritas and at secondary school; - whether they are able learners; - their perception of the importance of schooling; - their preferred teaching style; - and reasons leading to some of them being seen as academic failures in their secondary schooling. Problems in the Caritas context were identified and remedial solutions were proposed. The data were discussed in terms of theories of pedagogy and andragogy. According to recorded data, although most of the students studied because of personal interest, this intrinsic motivation did not drive them into achieving good academic results and most of them were hardly self-directed at all. This tells us that no particular approach is appropriate to all students within or outside of the Caritas context but rather, a change in curriculum, teaching style, etc. is necessary for promoting better learning. The findings were examined in the light of current criticism of the Hong Kong education system. Even though it has been highly criticized by the Education Commission for being an elite system, this elite system cannot be solely blamed for creating academic failures. Factors such as teaching method, teacher-student relationship, perception of usefulness of taught subjects, peer influence, external attributions all constitute to the failures of some of the students. Last but not least, blueprint for educational proposals were studied and personal suggestions were made to hopefully, generate better learning and teaching environment in Hong Kong.
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