Author: Wu, Wai-kit Eddie
Title: Towards open market competition : a real challenge to the trading fund framework
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2001
Subject: Civil service -- China -- Hong Kong -- Management
Finance -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Department of Management
Pages: vii, 112 leaves ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: In response to the increasing demands for a better public service, a report Public Sector Reform issued in 1989 by the Finance Branch of the Hong Kong Government put up some insights on public financial management reforms with a view to improving the quality of civil service through a concept of value for money. In result of a new typology of agency modes within the public sector, setting up of trading funds was one of the frameworks to improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the public services. To achieve the objective a trading fund offers commercially oriented services with a greater degree of financial autonomy enabling it to adopt a more responsive and client-oriented approach to its services. However there has long been strong arguments that societal scholars consider the Hong Kong trading fund model is not able to provide quality and value for money services to the clients when compared with the private sector service providers due to the lack of real market elements in the institutional arrangements. Following the commencement of the untying programme of the electrical and mechanical services in 1999, a real market mechanism has been imposing onto the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund through the open competition on its business. Unless the center of problems is precisely described, it is difficult to resolve. Thus a problem diagnosis and identification analysis was carried out to identify the distinctive conditions and facts existing in the system in order to seek out the possible elements that were critical cues in terms of the relevant facts, distinctions, changes and relationships having the impacts on the system. In this connection, an environmental scanning was undertaken from a variety of theoretical perspective approaches to analyze all basic attributes, intrinsic characteristics and extrinsic determinants influencing the system of the service arrangements. Following the SWOT analysis, a new operating model for the provisions of the electrical and mechanical services was synthesized and further evaluated subsequently. This dissertation concluded that within the institutional arrangements of the trading fund model shaping of the service organization was in a way being benefited by the principles of market mechanism on the achievements of the targets and objectives of the establishment. However without the presence of market forces in the system, the effectiveness of this public sector management framework is questionable and its practicability still remains to be further verified.
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