Author: Wong, Kam-mui
Title: An exploration of the relation between male adults' perception of male role norms and their decisions as whether to join family life education programs
Degree: M.A.
Year: 2000
Subject: Family life education -- China -- Hong Kong
Men -- China -- Hong Kong -- Psychology
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Applied Social Sciences
Pages: v, 108, [4] leaves ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: This study attempts to explore the factors impacting on the decision making of married male adults in participating in Family Life Education (FLE) program. The focus is on male adults' perception of male role norms and the impact of this on their decision to join the FLE programs. A qualitative approach was adopted in this study. The data for analysis was collected through face-to-face interviews with a non-probability sample of 8 married male adults, four of whom had joined FLE programs before the interviews and four of whom had not. The interviews explored the respondents' perceptions of their gender role, male characteristics, men’s pattern of self-disclosure and expression of emotion, FLE programs and the influence impacting on their choices to join FLE program. The findings reveal that four respondents were more traditional and four were more egalitarian as regarding their perceptions of the gender role. The more traditional ones perceived that it was a norm for men to focus on the provider role and leave the family to the women. Men should put career as the first priority. They did not see that pursuing career achievement would have any adverse impact on the family relationship. The egalitarian ones saw the need for men to share more household work and pay effort to maintain the family relationship. They did not see it as a must for men to pursue career achievement or to put career as the first priority. They were ready to share the caretaker role and the domestic work. About the characteristics of men, most of the respondents had a negative impression of the ordinary man and viewed the ideal man as a perfect man that would not exist in reality. In perceiving themselves as men, most of the respondents were contented with themselves as they considered that they had been better than the ordinary man and owned the qualities that gained the respect of others. They felt no pressure to reach their ideal. Regarding men's pattern of self-disclosure, most of the respondents saw the benefits of talking with others though they were prudent in choosing the appropriate listeners. About men's expression of emotion, most of them accepted that crying is a natural expression of emotion for men. But some thought that men would not cry because of minor matters. There were three main factors inter-playing in influencing the respondents' choice of whether to participate of FLE programs. These are, namely, their perception of the gender role, their perception of FLE program and their needs. From the findings, it is found that in order to attract more men to the FLE programs, it is important to advocate for a more egalitarian view of the gender role and to clarify to the public the educational and developmental purpose of the FLE program. The mobilization of peer networks and the wives would also be workable strategies.
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