Author: 戴麗娟
Dai, Lijuan
Title: 中国商业银行从事非传统业务的决定因素
Zhongguo shang ye yin hang cong shi fei chuan tong ye wu de jue ding yin su
Other Title: The determinants of non-traditional activities of Chinese commercial banks
Degree: D.Mgt.
Year: 2008
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Banks and banking -- China.
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: v, v, 119 leaves : ill., charts ; 30 cm.
Language: Chinese
Abstract: Using Bankscope database's financial and ownership data for different types of Chinese banks between 1997 and 2006, this thesis examines the effects of bank's financial and ownership characteristics on the ratio of non-traditional activities (profit from non-traditional activities divided by the total profits from operations). The main findings are as follows: from the perspective of financial characteristics, the ratio of non-traditional activities is positively correlated with ROA and loan loss provision ratio, and negatively correlated with liquidity ratio and net interest margin. This suggests that banks with more prudential operating style, less profitability in traditional activities and less liquidity tend to engage more in non-traditional activities, and non-traditional activities enhance the overall profitability of banks. From the perspective of ownership, city commercial banks and foreign banks have better performance than state-owned banks. However, when foreign banks look for acquiring targets, better performance in non-traditional activities is only one of the selecting criteria. Furthermore, we find that the listed joint equity banks did not perform well in non-traditional activities. Finally, banks with ownership changes during the sample period do not show significant improvement in non-traditional activies, at leaset in the short-run. For the long-run impact, further study is needed when longer sample period data are available. As a complement to the results of regression analysis, we also interviewed a number of senior bank mangers to find out their opinions on the issue. Through the interviews, we find that different banks have different characteristics in their non-traditional activities, and the accession of China to the WTO and the frequent adjustments of interest policy in recent years have multi-level, multi-direction effects on bank's non-traditional activities. Some of these effects are positive while some others are negative. Regarding the debates between the market discipline and the moral hazard hypotheses, we find that most of the bankers tend to support the market discipline hypothesis instead of the moral hazard hypothesis.
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