Author: Siu, Man-yin
Title: An assessment of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council as an agent of arts development in Hong Kong
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2000
Subject: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Department of Management
Pages: x, 154 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The present study looks into the public support for the arts in Hong Kong, with its focus on one of the Government's major agents to promote and support the development of the arts, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC). A case study approach has been adopted to review the work of the HKADC as a typical arts council from April 1994 to December 1999. Based on the review on different modes of public arts support, and in particular the characteristics and roles of an arts council (the Patron mode) and the tensions it has to cope with, a series of questions have been derived to assess the work of the HKADC. The study finds that the HKADC has performed its roles adequately to a large extent in developing the arts in Hong Kong. However, the persistence of several restraints--low priority of arts and cultural policy in the Government's agenda; uneven allocation of public funds among different arts development agents; overemphasis on constructing cultural venues to the neglect of the development of artists and arts organizations; and insufficient cooperation and coordination with the former Municipal Councils and the present Leisure and Cultural Services Department--have set limits to the impact of the work of the HKADC. In this connection, it is suggested that the HKADC should work closely with the new Culture and Heritage Commission, which may represent an opportunity that may amplify the impact of the Council's work.
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