Author: 王瑋
Wang, Wei
Title: 固网电信客流失行为特征分析
Gu wang dian xin ke liu shi xing wei te zheng fen xi
Other Title: Call behavior-based customer churn analysis in fixed-line telecom
Degree: D.Mgt.
Year: 2008
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: xii, 171 leaves : charts ; 30 cm.
Language: Chinese
Abstract: With the rapid development of the Chinese national telecommunication market and intense competition between telephone companies, it is increasingly difficult for these companies to acquire new customers. Service providers are changing their strategies to customer retention and to the development of their latent spending potentials. With the entry of new telecommunication technology and the low charges of mobile calls, customer churn of Fixed-line companies becomes a serious problem. Call Behavior-Based Customer Churn in Fixed-line Telecom therefore has important theoretical and practical significance. This thesis focuses on the customers of Fixed-line companies' long distance service. It uses data mining and statistical analyses to determine the characteristics of customer churn. It attempts to isolate factors responsible for switching to other products within the company and for switching to other companies. This study collects data from the gateway system between China Telecom and the other telephone companies. It analyses customer churn in relation to customer attributes such as industry, segment, year of joining. Many existing studies on customer churn are in the mobile telecommunication industry, focusing on individual customers and domestic customers and using questionnaire survey. Base on the theoretical framework and hypotheses, this thesis collects CALL BEHAVIOR-based data from a data warehouse. Using SAS, this study employs methods such as ANOVA, logistic regression and multiple linear regression. Some important findings include : firstly, different "industry," "segment," "year of joining" of business customers have significant influence on "the usage of the traditional long distance call , IP long distance call and telecom card long distance call within the company" as well as on "the probability of switching to other companies". Secondly, factors that affect "the companies usage of long distance call product within the company" include "workday call minutes", "outbound call minutes", "IP long distance outbound call minutes", "inbound call minutes ", "number of calls received". Factors that affects "the probability of switching to other companies " include "outbound call minutes", "inbound call minutes", "IP long distance outbound call minutes", "workday call minutes", "number of overdue payment".
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