Author: 孫鵬
Sun, Peng
Title: FDI对中国轿车产业的影响研究
FDI dui Zhongguo jiao che chan ye de ying xiang yan jiu
Other Title: The effects of FDI on China automobile industry
Degree: D.Mgt.
Year: 2007
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Automobile industry and trade -- China.
Investments, Foreign -- China.
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: xi, 323 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: Chinese
Abstract: With the development of economic globalization, Foreign Direct Investment will inevitably have an economic influence over the host country. It is true with the current state of the car industry in China. No matter the gains it has achieved and the problems that exist, it has something to do with the direct investment made by those multinational car corporations. Foreign investment has dual nature. If it is properly made use of, then the car industry in our country will be boosted and developing in a healthy manner. Otherwise, the car industry will be jeopardized because the nature of foreign investment is chasing the interest. In the domestic market, lots of people take a skeptical attitude on absorbing foreign capital. Such misunderstanding even appears that foreign investment is purely harmful. Then what influence on earth does FDI have over Chinese car industry? What policies should our government formulate in developing our car industry hereafter? The paper tries to answer such questions. First, the author puts forward the theme and builds up the theory framework by briefly reviewing the relevant document study, especially relating the part concerning absorbing foreign capital and the development of car industry. Second, this paper determines specific study method. The study theme is demonstrated by qualitative & quantitative analysis and the author tries to analyze and discuss it in a all-rounded, systematical and scientifical manner. In the aspect of qualitative analysis, the paper not only analyzes the characteristic of Chinese car industry making use of foreign capital and the impact that FDI makes upon car industry in China but evaluates the current policies in Chinese car industry as well. Moreover, it also uses some contrastive methods to analyze the development model of car industry in developing countries and the impact of investment freedom on the policies of Chinese car industry. In the aspect of quantitative analysis, the author chooses Feder Model with panel data to testify hypotheses. The finally results show that FDI in automobile industries do have positive direct effects on China automobile industry. Meanwhile, FDI also can lead Chinese automobile manufactories to grow faster by the way of spillover (techonogical spillover and other form). In conclusion, FDI has both direct and indirect positive effects on China automobile industry. Third, based on qualitative & quantitative analysis, and combined with international experience and international environment, this paper aims at the development of Chinese car industry and puts forward the following six suggestions concerning policies of car industry: market admittance, making use of foreign capital, researching and developing, government support, homemade and car parts. In the last chapter, limitations and further research directions are mentioned. If conditions are right, the further research may be more convincing.
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