Author: Hui, Chow-hung Peter
Title: Do hotel and catering management students possess the competent entry skills, knowledge & attitudes to meet the expectations of the food service sector in the Hong Kong hospitality industry
Degree: M.Ed.
Year: 2000
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Students
Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dept. of Hotel and Tourism Management -- Curricula
Food service -- China -- Hong Kong
Hospitality industry -- China -- Hong Kong
Education, Higher -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Educational Development Unit
Pages: vi, 126 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The food service industry in Hong Kong is a large industry, and the food and beverage department in hotels is a major department. Employees working in the food service industry need proper service skills, communication skills, food and beverage knowledge, and professional attitudes to cope with the diversified customer profile in a commercial setting. This study is intended to investigate whether students of the higher Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, are equipped with the attributes mentioned above, and are able to cope with the demands in the real world food service sector. In-depth, one-on-one interviews were conducted to collect data. A total of 15 students and 15 supervisors were selected for the interview. They were purposefully selected because these participants must work in types of restaurant where students can apply what they have learnt in the Department of Hotel & Tourism Management (HTM). The findings revealed that there is a gap between the Department's perception about students' needs, and the students general lack of technical skills required to perform the jobs. In particular, food & beverage is an area of concern. These findings provided some insight into the food service module, and deficiencies were identified. It is hoped that the results could provide a valuable source for improvement to the curriculum, and as a result, better equip the students of HTM who after graduation, pursue their career working in the food service sector in the Hong Kong hospitality industry.
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