Author: Zhang, Rong
Title: The research about operation mode of E-commerce C to C on-line shopping website in China
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2008
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Electronic commerce -- China.
Teleshopping -- China.
Department: Department of Computing
Pages: xi, 181 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: With the popularity of the Internet and improvement of IT, E-Commerce has born from the combination of computer system, Net Technology and IT. It has also greatly impacted the traditional transaction way and industry value chain with its notable advantage - convenience, shortcut and high efficiency. In this Information era, E-Commerce has provided a total unprecedented management way of business transaction with its new method of business operation, not only made great progress but predicted the future tendency of business activities. One of the advantages of E-commerce is to simplify the process of business operation, and reduce the transportation cost of the enterprises. Meanwhile, the establishment and preservation of cost advantage of E-commerce should be guaranteed with the reliable and efficient logistic operation. In the operation mode of E-commerce, C to C mode has increasingly manifested its improvement potential as its feature of flexibility, customers' interactive and so on. In mainly developed countries, the E-commerce mode has made great progress and got better profitability increasing, while has caught the widely eyesight of all aspects in the society. Recently, the internal C to C websites have made great progress as well as the registered members' number and trade amount have reached a prodigious scope. However, they have not found an optimum profit mode that to suit their growth. This is the high point that should we do more research on this field. China, as a developing country, on the threshold of E-commerce, has its own peculiar wide market space and huge market potential. There still exists some problems to solve indeed such as internet security, E-commerce policy and legislation, logistic and so on, though it already has a high speed of development. Particularly, logistic is the "bottleneck" that has directly restricted the development of E-commerce in China. The dissertation takes the method of combination research of theoretical and demonstration, based on the comparative analysis. First, to analyze the external environment of overseas on-line shopping websites' operation and to research the whole operation direction of C to C website from the result of environment analysis. Second, to summarize the crucial element during the process of C to C website operation, and to find the operation problems that the internal C to C websites have to solve based on the analysis of operation mode of overseas on-line shopping website. Last but not least, to explore what basic regularity should C to C websites follow and to find out the basic operation mode way. What's more to take out a new brand of E-commerce shopping website program that is really suitable for the development of China's internal C to C websites through the detailed typical cases analysis to different C to C websites, such as Taobao and Eachnet which are the major internal C to C on-line shopping websites.
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