Author: Li, Suk-yin Rebecca
Title: Validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the Becker Work Adjustment Profile
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2000
Subject: Developmentally disabled -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Pages: xiii, 151 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The Becker Work Adjustment Profile (BWAP) developed by Becker (1989) is a reliable and valid instrument for assessing the general employability of people with developmental disabilities in the USA. The test content consists of items (scored by using a five-point rating scale) factor analyzed and distributed within four domains "Work Habits/ Attitudes", "Interpersonal Relations", "Cognitive Skills" and "Work Performance Skills". Since Chinese is the first language for most Hong Kong people, translation of the BWAP into Chinese promotes better communication between occupational therapists and related staff, clients and clients' carets locally. Since different cultures may have different behavior standards and expectations which affect validity and reliability, this research aims at studying the validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the BWAP in assessing the general employability of people with developmental disabilities in Hong Kong. An expert panel consisting of ten occupational therapists was formed to evaluate the content validity of the BWAP. A specially designed questionnaire was used to collect the panelists' opinions. The BWAP was revised as Hong Kong Version BWAP (HKV-BWAP) according to the opinions collected with at least 90% agreement. The HKV-BWAP was translated into Chinese Version BWAP (CV-BWAP) which was back-translated into English to form the Back-Translated Version BWAP (BTV-BWAP). The same ten expert panelists who were bilingual in Chinese and English were invited to comment on the validity of the Chinese translation by comparing the HKV-BWAP with the BTV-BWAP. Since at least 80% agreement was reached for all the contents of the CV-BWAP, nothing was modified for the CV-BWAP. A total of 28 participants diagnosed as having Mild to/ or Moderate Grade Mental Retardation were assessed by using the CV-BWAP in a local sheltered workshop. Cronbach's alpha was used for evaluating the internal consistency. The items within the same domain showed moderate to excellent internal consistency (with alpha coefficients ranging from .63 to .94). The internal consistency was also assessed by using item-total correlations. Only the item "Attendance" showed unacceptable item-total correlation (.14) because several escorting systems were provided by the sheltered workshop for the participants. Two other items showed marginal item-total correlations (.39) and all the remaining 57 items showed acceptable to excellent item-total correlations with a range from .43 to .90. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient of the whole instrument CV-BWAP was computed as .76 which indicated good internal consistency. The four domains showed moderate to excellent domain-gross-total correlations (.61 to .94). These findings supported that the four domains and the whole instrument CV-BWAP measure the same trait - general employability. As the CV-BWAP is easy to use with an administration time of approximately 20 minutes, it is within reasonable range for clinical use. The CV-BWAP has potential to be widely used in Hong Kong. Therefore, further studies of its psychometric properties are recommended.
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