Author: Chan, Choi-wan Wendy
Title: Study on corporate network
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1994
Subject: Business -- Communication systems -- Data processing
Corporations -- Communication systems -- Data processing
Computer networks
Hong Kong Polytechnic -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Pages: 1 v. (various pagings) : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Corporate Network come into existence to provide communications services to corporations. The efficient and effective communications with suppliers, customers and workforces within corporation is essential to reduce operation cost, speed up business process, provide better quality of service/product to customers, and generate more revenues. In the increasingly competitive market environment, the corporate network is recognised as strategic asset to a corporation. The data communications requirements imposed on Corporate Network is closely related to the computer technologies employed by the corporations. In the history of computing technology evolution, there is an obvious trend of evolving from central-control hierarchical-architecture mainframe-based computer system to down-sizing server-client architecture computer system. At the same time, there is continuous evolution of computer applications from batch mode processing to transaction processing and then to distributed processing. The evolution of computer technology and application imposes increasing bandwidth and reliability requirements on Corporate Network. With the coming demand of graphical user interface, the data volume and accordingly the bandwidth required for Corporate Network is increased drastically. When the data communications requirements change continuously, new communications technologies are coming up to meet the requirements. There are obvious trends in communications technologies development to match with the requirements. The trends are towards better transmission quality, more sophisticated data communications equipment, higher bandwidth, better utilisation of bandwidth; and multi-service networking capability. Although new technologies are developed from time to time, the old technologies are still being used in some corporate networks due to their compatibility with old computing systems and their cost effectiveness. Being influenced by the evolution of computing technologies, applications development and communications technologies, the shape of corporate networks changes continuously. The pace of change of any particular corporate network depends much on the environment of the corporation concerned. Those corporations in highly competitive environment will be the fast mover. As a general trend over the past 30 years, Corporate Network has changed from hierarchical SNA networks to distributed LAN router-based networks. Owing to the importance of effective and efficient Corporate Network to survival of corporations and the large amount of capital investment and operations cost incurred for Corporate Network, corporate networks must be planned carefully. There are many issues that may affect whether a corporate network is built successfully, such as the corporation strategy, the clearly defined objectives, competent personnel, proper organisation and appropriate empowerment, sound planning methodology and network design tools. Besides the planning of corporate Network, the operations and maintenance of corporate network are now receiving considerable attention. Corporate networks are now designed with network management function i.e. support tools that bring up a network, keep it operational, fine-tune its operation, account for its usage, and protect its resources from unauthorised usage or tampering. Corporate Network is very versatile, in terms of user requirements and thus capabilities, network strategy, network planning process, technologies employed, and network configuration. When we are talking about Corporate Network, we are talking about a collection of vastly different networks owning by corporations.
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