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Department:School of Nursingen_US
Author:Chan, Yin-yung Annen_US
Title:The lived experience of Hong Kong Chinese patients after lower limb amputationen_US
Abstract:nLoss of a limb causes a permanent disability that affects a patient's self-image, self-care and mobility. They also have a particular vulnerability to develop depressive symptomatology. The incidence of lower limb amputation in Hong Kong was 4.8 in 100,000 per year. In summary of literature review, the impact of lower limb amputation was great on patient's physical and psychosocial functioning. They have to go through the adjustment process in order to restore their functioning. Local studies failed to reflect the patients' experiences in different aspects of the patients' lives. There is a knowledge gap in these aspects in Hong Kong. A qualitative study was conducted for Hong Kong Chinese patients to explore and described various aspects of the lived experience of patients after lower limb amputation. The research design was a qualitative phenomenological approach. The recruitment of informants was by purposive sampling from a local rehabilitation hospital. The inclusion criteria was patients who were aged above 18, able to communicate in Cantonese, had unilateral lower limb amputated within the past one year to four years and no diagnosis of cognitive impairment or psychiatric illness. Data was collected by unstructured interview and tape-recorded. Six informants were recruited. Information sheet of the study was used to explain the details of study. The consent form was signed by informant. The interviews were conducted mainly in hospital or informants' home. Researcher transcribed the recording verbatim and read the transcripts. In data analysis, three themes were identified: accepting lower limb amputation, adjustment in ambulation, self care and social activities and moving on within the existing functional level. This study allowed us to deeply understand the patients and developed holistic interventions for the patients so as to facilitate them in their physical and psychosocial adjustment to amputation. Nursing interventions on rehabilitation plan, nurse-led service, carer education and counselling, pain control, support group, fall prevention, leisure activities, information on public transport facilities and vocational re-training were suggested. Further large-scale and longitudinal studies on patients after lower limb amputation and study on their carer's experience were recommended.en_US
Pages:v, 75 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.en_US
Degree:All Masteren_US
Subject:Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertationsen_US
Subject:Leg -- Amputation -- Patients -- China -- Hong Kongen_US
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