Author: Luk, Chi-kin
Title: Job satisfaction, job stress and burnout among prosthetist-orthotists in Hong Kong public health sector
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2010
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Prosthetists -- Job satisfaction -- China -- Hong Kong
Prosthetists -- Job stress -- China -- Hong Kong
Department: Department of Health Technology and Informatics
Pages: x, 83 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: Background: Global health care systems are facing the challenges of an aging population. New medical technology and equipment also put strain on the health care costs. Given Hong Kong citizens are more educated than before, they also have higher expectations for the health care professionals and the public health care system such as Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA). Against the above background, the Government is reconstituting the health and medical services due to health care reform. But ongoing changes in public health care system will increase the incidence of burnout among health care professionals such as Prosthetist-Orthotists (P-Os) in Hong Kong. Aims of study: This cross sectional study aim to investigate: (1) The interrelationships between job stress and job satisfaction among Prosthetist-Orthotists in Hong Kong Public Health Sector, (2) The level of burnout among Prosthetist-Orthotists in Hong Kong Public Health Sector. Method: The self-completed anonymous 4in1 questionnaires and stamped addressed envelopes for return purpose will be mailed to all full time P-Os working in the HKHA. Beyond descriptive statistics, data collected will undergo correlation, independent-samples t-test and multiple regression analyses with SPSS software. Results: A total of 104 individuals received the questionnaires. Sixty-one questionnaires were returned and giving a response rate 58.6%. Thus, a final sample of 56 that constituted 53.8% of those sent out. The P-Os tended to be a masculine profession as 71.4% of the participants were male and 28.6% were female. Also over 55% P-Os had higher qualification, showing that P-Os was a middling and developing profession. Further, 26.8% of the POII fell into the range of 6-15 years working experiences, showing that lack of opportunities for career advancement in the Hong Kong Public Health Sector (HKHA). Based on this study, the P-Os working in Hong Kong Public Health Sector had a low degree of burnout. The instrument GHQ-28 had moderate correlation with MMSS and GHQ-28 can also measure job satisfaction and/or job stress together. There was significant difference of gender that female P-Os had better job satisfaction than male P-Os. Moreover, in the study result of job stress and burnout, there were no significant difference between female P-Os and male P-Os. But, when using the total mean scores to compare the gender, male P-Os had more stress than female P-Os. And, the mean score of MBI subscale (PA) was female P-Os (35.81) that fell into average categories of burnout (39-34) than male P-Os. Conclusion: This is the first research to investigate the job satisfaction, job stress and burnout among P-Os in Hong Kong. Fortunately, it had a low degree of burnout among P-Os whole working in the Public Health Sector. Overall, higher job satisfaction can reduce job stress and burnout. Therefore, preventive measure is needed to all health care providers. The last but the least, improve the job satisfaction that is the first priority of the organization administrator.
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