Author: Man, King-hung
Title: Animation of 3D chip formation in oblique cutting
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2003
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Metal-cutting -- Data processing
Department: Department of Computing
Pages: 1 v. (various pagings) : col. ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The reliability of machining operation is an essential requirement of modem production system. Chip control is one major aspect with regard to turning operation. Hence, chip control in metal cutting becomes significant in industrial automation. In order to assess the chip control perfectly, many models and simulation methods were developed to predict the cutting operation. However, most of these theories and models are only existed on paper because computer simulation is not mature in the past decades. Nowadays, computer animation is one popular tool to simulate various models in the virtual world. Hence, it is now mature to develop some animations to demonstrate the chip formation not only on the paper but also on the computer screen. The dissertation describes graphic simulation of chip flow and chip curl in oblique machining through computer animation. It shows how computer animation methods may help to understand the chip formation model by adding visual and sound effect in order to show their creation process. Besides, it presents the pioneer in computer animation tooling to simulate the stunning motion effect which is a combination of technicality, imagination and motive sensation. In this investigation, the theoretical background of chip formation is essentially based on Nakayama and Arai's geometrical chip model. Their concept is adopted to create the chip shapes with different cutting parameters such as tool groove width and height, side cutting edge angle, feed rate, depth of cut and the tilting angle of chip helix surface. Besides, some additional assumption is added by me to improve the 3-dimensional geometrical structure of the chip. The production of 3D animation to create such animation have eight steps, they are: 1.Design and concept development 2.Modelling step 3.Scene arrangement 4.Decorating step 5.Animating step 6.Rendering step 7.Post-editing and special effects assembling 8.Transformation step Three representative chip models including tubular/helical chips, corkscrew chips and full turn/arc chips, which are created with different cutting conditions, are chosen to introduce the animation creation process matching to the above described production step. A chip formation animation database is developed that contains a total of different 960 types of chip models and each type of chip models has two animations with different camera viewports. All the animations of chip formation models can be shown through a computer interface that is created by Visual Basic program. User needs only to input the specified range of cutting parameters, and the corresponding animations will be shown on the screen. Results of the animation, data outputs and interface program are shown in the dissertation. Besides, the data effect analysis of factors on chip flow and curl are also described. The advantages of the developed database program, the creation concept of chips models, the rendering process, file format and memory size of the animation, the image of effect that caused by the selection of cutting parameters are discussed. Finally, further development are recommended including the interface program, expansion of the range of selected cutting parameters, visual effect to the animation, models of the chip formation and the communication method of the animation database.
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