Author: Chau, Lek-chong Ricky
Title: The psychological mechanisms of Chinese transformational leadership
Degree: D.B.A.
Year: 2010
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Leadership -- China -- Psychological aspects
Organizational behavior -- China -- Psychological aspects
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: x, 148 leaves : col. ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: Purpose-This study aims to validate Chinese transformational leadership scale developed by Huang et al. (2008) by demonstrating that the psychological mechanisms theorized in the Western literature can be generalized through different dimensions of Chinese transformational leadership to influence the employees' organizational citizenship behavior directed at organization (OCBO) in the Chinese context. The theoretical construct was examined through both etic and emic approaches by integrating Chinese and Western theories in social science. Likewise, this study intends to demonstrate empirically that Chinese transformational leadership scale has a better predictive power on OCBO than the Western transformational leadership scale in the Chinese context. Design-The study is cross-sectional. The surveys were measured at individual level for both the managers and subordinates. Methodology/Approach-The sample comprised of 238 leader-follower dyads from 9 companies from different industries in South China. The questionnaires were administered to the subordinates to rate the transformational leadership behaviors of their managers and the psychological mechanisms of personal identification, self-efficacy, psychological empowerment and leader-member exchange (LMX). Other questionnaires were administered to the managers to rate the OCBO of their subordinates. Structural regression and structured equation modeling (SEM) were used to measure the mediating effects of the psychological mechanisms. Meanwhile, block regression was used to test the incremental variance between Chinese and Western transformational leadership scales. Findings The convergent validity and discriminant validity of Chinese transformational leadership scale were validated by this study. The study demonstrated empirically that personal identification mediated the effects of moral leadership, professional expertise and individualized consideration on OCBO of the employees, and psychological empowerment mediated the effects of visionary motivation on OCBO of the employees in Chinese transformational leadership. Finally, the study confirmed that Chinese transformational leadership scale had a better predictive power on personal identification above and beyond the corresponding Western scale. Practical Implications The managers in China (including both Chinese and expatriate managers) shall practice Chinese transformational leadership to influence the Chinese employees to deliver extra-ordinary performance, through establishing a well-respected role model and the empowerment of the employees to do their works. Originality/Value This study validated the Chinese transformational leadership scale developed by Huang et al. (2008). In addition, it created a conceptual model of the psychological mechanisms of Chinese transformational leadership on the employees' OCBO. The study also highlighted how Chinese transformational leaders could create these psychological mechanisms, and how they could influence the employees to deliver extra-role performance.
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