Author: 张晓铁
Zhang, Xiaotie
Title: 供应链长期合作中的双方互动指标和成长性指标 :关系的稳定性对买方绩效的影响研究
Gong ying lian chang qi he zuo zhong de shuang fang hu dong zhi biao he cheng zhang xing zhi biao : guan xi de wen ding xing dui mai fang ji xiao de ying xiang yan jiu
Other Title: Interactive and growing index in long-term cooperation of supply chain : study on influence between relationship stability and buyer's performance
Degree: D.Mgt.
Year: 2010
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Physical distribution of goods -- Management
Business logistics
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: ix, 111 p. : ill., charts ; 30 cm.
Language: Chinese
Abstract: According to Porter's theories, values on the entire supply chain are not only created by the major suppliers or manufactories, but also created by every participant on that supply chain. Within a brand new competitive environment, the key to success is to build a comprehensive network among suppliers and have close relationship with them. Cooperation or alliance between suppliers and operators is the key factor to the success of supply chain operation. Although there have been a variety of evaluation indices for the selection of suppliers developed by many academic researches, they are many intended for manufacturing industries, and most are static. As in telecommunication industry, the relationship among suppliers, operators and customers is usually dynamic, with very short-life-cycle and of a service nature. These unique characteristics will require alliance in telecommunication industry to be both stable and adaptive, which brings significant challenges to the cooperation and alliance in telecommunication industries. This thesis registers the first novel attempt to develope a system of dynamic and growing evaluation indics, based on the first-hand experience data from China Mobile, which are especially applicable for the telecommunication industy whose buyer-seller cooperation is quite different from manufacturing industries. As far as we can ascertain from the supplier chain literatures, the existing theories and models, which are developed for manufacure oritented supply chain applications, are hardly applicable to telecommunication industries. According to dynamic and short-life-cycle features of telecommunication industries, cooperation between suppliers and operators is quite important. This thesis will focus on the following issues: 1) What are the forms and characteristics of cooperation that are suitable for dynamic and short-life-cycle service industries, such as telecommunication? 2) What are the key indices that can influence the long-term stability of the cooperation? 3) How does a stable relationship affect the cooperation performance of a service company? An empirical model is built in this thesis to explain the above issues. To validate the model, field studies, data collection and survey, and data analysis have been conducted, including questionnaire survey with 389 procurement mangers from headquarter and 28 provincial sub-companies of China Mobile. The final findings of this thesis are: 1) We find the two factors, namely, future growing ability and supplier-operator interaction, which have not been considered in the existing supply-chain literatures, are critical factors in the cooperation between China Mobile and suppliers. 2) We find that direct influence between supplier-operator interaction and cooperation performance is significantly identified. However, direct influence between supplier-operator interaction and cooperation stability is not significant. 3) If there is a sufficiently strategic level of effort and policy support (termed relationship investment in this thesis) by suppliers to secure the trust from operators, then supplier-operator interaction can influence cooperation stability. These research findings will be helpful to build, retain and improve the long-term cooperation in supply chain and propose academic instruction. Furthermore, the mechanism and supplier-operator interaction could influence the behaviors during process of cooperation, and encourage two parties to cooperate more closely and positively. In addition, the thesis improves and enriches the evaluation indices system of suppliers. The result could help telecommunication operators to choose and evaluate suppliers. From long-run, these findings could help company optimize its current procurement structure and create a better cooperation environment.
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