Author: Leung, Hung-fung Michael
Title: Innovative techniques for the testing of multimode mobiles
Degree: Eng.D.
Year: 2005
Subject: Cell phones -- Technological innovations
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Pages: xxvi, 214 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: Over the last decade, mobile phones have become much more than simple communications devices. Their functions have heen extended from making phone calls and storing phone numbers to taking photos, storing data, downloading news and providing entertainment. Mobile phones also function as a personal digital assistant and their appearances are sometimes regarded as fashion, More than 350 million mobile phones were sold worldwide in 1999 and it has been predicted that the number will reach one billion in 2005. The boosting growth is expected to continue in the next ten years, to the point where mobile phones usage will outnumber all other communications devices combined. Nowadays, to many people, mobile phone is an indispensable accessory carrying various important functions. Inevitably, the demand for new phone designs and technology breakthrough is on the rise. In order to meet with customer expectation as well as rapid technological advancement, mobile phone manufacturers have to speed up their new product releases, and consequently, the life cycle of mobile phones is shortened. For most manufacturers, they require to evaluate their mobile designs thoroughly before putting them into production. Appropriate testing equipment would aid designers a lot by simulating the environments in which the mobiles will be operating. Another key factor for success is cost-effectiveness with high production throughput. Companies are constantly looking for well-supported solutions which can step up their manufacturing capacity without increasing capital expenditure. The testing cost, which contributes 5% to 10% of the total unit cost, is a significant cost element in the manufacturing process. By shortening the testing and calibration time, the production process can be speeded up. This can be achieved by using instruments that best suit the task and hence eliminating any bottlenecks in the production process. In this report, we aim to develop innovative techniques that can enhance the development and testing of mutimode mobiles. In particular, we attempt to introduce new testing methods for evaluating mobiles and new testing implementations to reduce the testing time. A number of new contributions are presented. They include (i) process analysis aiming to speed up mobile testing in both the calibration stage and the call processing stage, (ii) protocol investigation for test mode improvement and evaluation of mobile receiver performance, (iii) system analysis allowing real-time Internet Protocol (IP) analysis and study of conference calls using video phones, and finally (iv) multiple layers protocol analyzer and new system for concurrent testing multiple mobile phones. The results of the work have produced significant impact on the development and high-volume manufacturing of multimode mobiles. Our proposed methods have been applied successfully to shorten the development and testing time of mobile phones, thus enhanCing the overall production throughput of manufacturers. Companies who have been benefited include Samsung Korea, LG Korea., Quanta Taiwan, Motorola Singapore, lnfineon Shanghai, dBTel Shanghai, Flextronics Malaysia, Compal Eletronics Taiwan, GSL Hong Kong, Rensas Semiconductor Hong Kong.
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