Author: 劉勇
Liu, Yong
Title: 中国国有酒店改革与发展若干问题探索
Zhongguo guo you jiu dian gai ge yu fa zhan ruo gan wen ti tan suo
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Government business enterprises -- China
Hotels -- China
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: viii, 71 leaves : ill., charts ; 30 cm
Language: Chinese
Abstract: Issues with reformation and development of Chinese state-owned enterprises have been the common concerns and study subjects of the Chinese Government, Chinese economists and executives of different sectors since implementation of the policy for China to open to the outside world in 1978. The Chinese Government has developed a series of guidelines and policies in the respect of reformation and development for the state-owned enterprises and corresponding achievements have been made. Reformation and development of the Chinese state-owned enterprises has been taken as an important component of the Chinese economic growth. China's tourism and restaurant sector is one of the industries that have experienced rather early opening after the policy implementation. Along with China's accession to WTO, internationalization of domestic markets and domesticalization of international competition will further prick up. From this sense, research on timely and effective countermeasures has become an urgent task for analyzing the competition situation and structure of the Chinese tourism and restaurant industry. In the sector of Chinese tourism and hotels, the proportion of the state-owned hotels takes more than 50% and the operational status of these hotels exerts direct influence over the operation and growth of the entire industry. Therefore, it is very necessary and timely to study the status quo and issues with reformation and development of the state-owned hotels. This paper starts with a review on the Chinese state-owned enterprise reformation policies and course and presents a recent status on the growth of Chinese tourism and restaurant industry and the basic current status on the Chinese state-owned hotels. Then the paper gives an analysis of the sectoral position, operational status and self advantages and disadvantages of the current Chinese state-owned hotels based on Marxism theories on social structure and growth and Deng Xiaoping's theories on reformation and opening as well as economic growth through citing discussions of experts and scholars. Finally the paper brings forward some contents and methods for self-reformation of the state-owned hotels and provides the state-owned hotel proprietors with some methods and approaches to hotel reformation and development.
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