Author: Joe, Dahl
Title: Identifying hotel industry required competencies and influences on job satisfaction and organizational commitment in Korea
Degree: DHTM
Year: 2012
Subject: Hotels -- Korea -- Employees.
Hospitality industry -- Korea -- Employees.
Core competencies.
Job satisfaction.
Organizational commitment.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: x, 214 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: The primary purpose of the present study was to identify the employees' core required in the hotel industry by establishing a consensus of hotel experts' opinion in prioritizing competencies for hotel employees in Korea. This was first established through a review of the current literature on hotel employee competencies and through input from 25 distinguished hospitality experts in Korea including 14 CEOs/ GMs and 11 human resources personnel. In addition, the study sought out to investigate possible relationships between the identified competencies, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. In phase I, 169 competencies were identified from the literature and the employee competency assessment forms currently used by Korean hotels. Then, through three interaction stages, the Delphi panel came to a consensus in ranking the identified competencies in the order of importance. The top-thirty nine competencies were identified, and the highest ranked top-ten competencies using the seven-point Likert scale were as follows: adheres to established guidelines and rules of the organization; is able to integrate local culture; has good attendance and punctuality; is willing to learn new things; focuses on customer service; comprehends and appreciates different cultures; works in harmony with employees; is able to determine and manage priorities; works together to produce a piece of work; is responsible and honest about decisions made and actions taken. In phase IT, the data were collected from 840 respondents from the main survey and analyzed using the confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model. The results on the relationship between competency and job satisfaction showed a positive influence by certain competency domains on job satisfaction. For example, the findings of the research suggest a positive effect by the self-realization and interpersonal domain on relationship and cooperation. Furthermore, the influential and technical domain, administrative and productivity domain, and work ethics and inter-cultural domain all were found to have a positive effect on job nature and working conditions. For compensation and promotion, only the administrative and productivity domain was found to have a positive influence over it. In terms of the relationships between job satisfaction and organizational commitment, compensation and promotion, relationship and cooperation, and job nature and working conditions were found to have a positive influence on affective commitment. In addition, compensation and promotion and job nature and working conditions also had positive effects on continuance commitment.
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