Author: Wong, Wai Chi
Title: A battery switching logistics operations model for electric vehicles
Degree: Eng.D.
Year: 2013
Subject: Electric vehicles -- Power supply.
Electric vehicles -- Batteries.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Pages: x, 137, [23] leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: Nowadays, the deployment of electric vehicles (EV) and renewable energy sources are recognized as key elements for the establishment of sustainable transport systems to enable countries to achieve their goals of energy consumption and of air quality. Research studies and projects have been conducted to tackle potential technical, economic and business challenges associated with the commercial use of EV. However, the current plug-in EV infrastructure poses operational limitations which have met with significant resistance from current vehicle users who are not inclined to transit from fossil-fueled vehicles to EV. To eliminate the limitations of long charging time and the huge investment of infrastructure cost of current plug-in EV models, a new research direction regarding the battery switching concept for EV seems a promising and feasible solution. A profitability study and a trade-off analysis for launching this concept are required. However, several important factors that have influenced this concept including charging, infrastructure design, framework model, operation principles and relationships between automobile manufacturers and other participants including EV users, battery service providers as well as power supply plants are uncertain. In this research study, a battery switching logistics operations model, developed as part of the supply chain management concept is proposed. The operational infrastructure, which is related to the logistics and distribution activities, is the main focus of this study. A cost and charging price model analysis is also presented in order to better reflect the economic situation when running this operations model in real practice. Furthermore, the design of an intelligent battery information management system is another important research deliverable which shows the potential value of appropriate battery switching management as well as minimization of the overall operational cost of the model. A case study in launching the proposed operation model in Hong Kong is carried out. The case study describes how the operation model is formulated, how the cost is calculated in terms of the fixed and operation cost, as well as how the proposed information system for handling the distribution of batteries functions. The case study demonstrates a holistic view for participants who are interested in running such a model. The result and discussion show the positive social contribution of the operation model in a quantitative way. A system analysis is also conducted to illustrate that the accuracy and quality of the proposed information system are satisfactory. In the foreseeable future, battery containers will be the major storage medium for EV. It is believed that the results of this research study: the operation principle of an innovative battery switching logistics operations model as well as an intelligent battery information management system, do provide significant contributions for automobile manufacturers, EV users and other interested parties which will enable them to keep up with the development of the EV market in a cost effective and reliable way.
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