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dc.titleNumerical investigation into local buckling of welded high strength steel I-sectionsen_US
dcterms.abstractThis dissertation reports the findings of a study on local buckling behaviour of welded high strength steel I-sections using advanced finite element modeling. The objectives of the research project are: - To establish numerical models of steel plates and welded I-sections under uniform compression incorporated with material and geometrical nonlinearity. - To verify the numerical models with test results as well as design values. - To examine local buckling behaviour of simply supported plates as well as plate elements of welded I-sections fabricated with high strength steel. - To provide understanding on the relationship between the local buckling behaviour and the residual stress patterns of welded high strength steel I-sections. The major activities and findings are summarized together as followings: - Steel plates under compression: A three-dimensional model of simply supported steel plates using shell elements is established to study local buckling behaviour of the steel plates under compression. The proposed model is verified with test data of normal strength steel plates as well as current design values according to Eurocode 3. It is shown that the model has been verified to be able to predict the local buckling behaviour of simply-supported steel plates with sufficient accuracy. The model is further extended to examine local buckling behaviour of steel plates of S690 steel. A comparison between the numerical results and the design values reveals that a new limiting value for design is highly desirable for three-edged simply supported steel plates of S690 steel. The proposed limiting values will lead to a conservative design. - I-sections under compression: Advanced numerical models with material and geometrical nonlinearity are established to examine the local buckling behaviour of steel plate elements of I-sections. Accuracy of the proposed model has been verified with test data as well as design values according to Eurocode 3. It is found that the proposed model can predict the section resistances of I-sections with various dimensions accurately with an introduction of residual stress patterns. For I-sections fabricated with S690 steel, a systematically parametric study on I-sections with various geometrical ratios is carried out. It is found that the numerical results are consistently larger than those obtained with the design values. Moreover, a close investigation into the I-section behaviour reveals that large residual stresses will significantly reduce the section resistances. - Significances: This study provides detailed understandings on the local buckling behaviour of steel plates of high strength steel. It is shown that current design rules in Eurocode 3 are not always conservative in predicting the local buckling behaviour of steel plates in all conditions. After the current study, new limiting values are proposed for the section classification rules when S690 plates are applied. Moreover, the relationship between the section resistances and the magnitudes of residual stresses is revealed.en_US
dcterms.extentviii, [68] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.en_US
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dcterms.LCSHSteel, Structural.en_US
dcterms.LCSHBuckling (Mechanics)en_US
dcterms.LCSHHong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertationsen_US
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