Author: Chen, Qiaohui
Title: Study on customer attitude and behavior toward mobile payment
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2014
Subject: Mobile commerce.
Payment -- Technological innovations.
Consumers -- Attitudes.
Consumer behavior.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Computing
Pages: ix, 78 leaves : illustrations ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Mobile communication is developing into the domain application of mobile network. How to develop consumers' use intension and strengthen their use behavior, most importantly build up their trust in mobile communication and enhance their willingness on conducting mobile payment are the challenges we are facing today, particularly the lack of trust on mobile payment. This is due to the unique feature of mobile devices, such as limited computational power, memory and battery life that will hinder consumers' trust on mobile payment. After reviewing the literature home and abroad, it is found that the research on consumers' attitude and behavior towards mobile payment trust is limited, and the research model is not complete. The objectives of this research are: (1) to investigate consumers' attitude and behavior towards mobile payment trust; (2) to identify factors that affect consumers' trust on mobile payment methods and evaluate how it affect; (3) to explore the relationships among users' attitude, behavior and trust. This research is based on previous literatures and the model of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). A model is developed by adding new variables, such as variables such as Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Mobile Vendor Trust, Knowledge-based Familiarity and Institution-based Trust. The customers form Mainland China and Hong Kong are investigated in this study. A total of 336 pieces of valid questionnaires were collected and the results show that customers use attitudes can positively affect their usage intention. And usage intention is closely associated with actual usage. Factors that will affect customers use attitudes includes perceive ease of use, perceive usefulness, mobile vendor trust, knowledge-based familiarity, mobile vendor technology and institution-based trust. The value of the research is it to build up a more comprehensive model for evaluating consumers' attitude and behavior towards trust on mobile payment. Another contribution is extending the TAM model to a more specific model in studying customers' mobile payment attitude and behavior. Some suggestions and advices for mobile technology companies and mobile telecommunication operators are further suggested in this research include some measures to improve services, develop products and enhance customers' willingness to adopt mobile payment.
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