Author: Chan, Sok-ching May
Title: Students' expectations of tutorials for a mathematics foundation course in OUHK
Degree: M.Ed.
Year: 2000
Subject: Open University of Hong Kong
Students -- China -- Hong Kong -- Psychology
Tutors and tutoring -- China -- Hong Kong
Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- China -- Hong Kong
Distance education -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Educational Development Unit
Pages: xii, 117 p ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Although electronic communication is very popular now and a few computing courses at OUHK have used electronic tutorials, face-to-face tutorial support is still an important support to OUHK students. However, the attendance rates are high in some tutorial groups and low in others. It is guessed that if the teaching methods can meet students' expectations of tutorials, attendance at tutorials may increase. Therefore it is useful to study students' expectations of tutorials and to see whether there is a connection between students' expectations of tutorials and attendance rates. The purpose of this study is to investigate students' expectations of tutorials and to see whether there is a connection with attendance rates in tutorials. To collect students' feedback about their expectations of tutorials, three sets of open-ended questionnaires according to students' frequency of attendance in tutorials were designed and conducted in phone interviews. A total of 46 students who were studying the M111 (A foundation in pure mathematics) course were interviewed in March of 1999. The findings in this study revelaed that distance learners were passive students because they expected the tutor to solve their problems and to provide lectures during the tutorials. In addition, the results unexpectedly suggested that there was no strong connection between students' expectations of tutorials and attendance rates, and between the experience of distance learners and the reasons for attending or not attending tutorials. Finally, according to the findings, some action can be suggested to train tutors and to arrange the tutorials appropriately in the future. To enhance the exploration of students' expectations of tutorials, a study with a larger sample size or more samples from various courses is suggested. Also, tutors' view on helping students in tutorials are of value to investigate in the future.
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