Author: Ng, Wai-pang
Title: The participation of foreign enterprises in China's freight forwarding and logistics business
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Business logistics -- China
Freight forwarders -- China
Business enterprises, Foreign -- China -- Case studies
Department: Graduate School of Business
Department of Logistics
Pages: xi, 142 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: "Logistics" is a word very common heard and read recently, Government and enterprises are more concerned with its importance which is considered as a "3rd profit source" , it can reduce the cost while increase product throughout and service quality at the same time. Another important point of modern logistics concept is to provide 7 "Right", supplying the right product at the right place, right time, right condition, right quality and right cost to those right customers consuming the product (1979, George A. Gecowets). One main factor which causes rapid growth of logistics is the development of internet, cargoes movement is controlled from advanced information technology and modern management skill for efficiency and good communication in the process of supply chain management. Logistics progress in China can be said still in an infant stage bad situation, actually there is not much development in past two decades. Management skill and information technology involvement in the Chinese logistics companies are far lagging behind than those developed countries such as USA, Europe and Japan, Chinese logistics companies must change from their past local style to reach the worldwide logistics standard as this business is international issue, otherwise their shares in the Chinese logistics industry will be gradually eroded and captured by the foreign enterprises in the future. Main topic to be discussed here is about the development of logistics business in China, their past, present and future tendencies, most important point is that whether they can defense against the fierce attack from foreign logistics enterprises after entry to China, another investigation is about how, when and what ways they need to increase their competitive power. Survey is also emphasized about the possibility that whether benefits can be gained successfully if foreign enterprises set up companies or representative offices in China, and analysis for what kind of logistics business can bring more profitable return to them. Now most foreign enterprises intend to run business in China, actually many of them have no or few knowledge in the China's logistics market. Actual cases and facts are illustrated by interviews with the foreign freight forwarders which have branches or representative offices in China, it can demonstrate the difficulties and problems that they have faced in the past, their experience may be useful for reference by the new entrants.
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