Author: Ye, Lichao
Title: Generating 3D property units in 3D cadastre from BIM model with case study in Hong Kong
Advisors: Shi, Wenzhong (LSGI)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2015
Subject: Three-dimensional imaging in geology
Land use -- Data processing.
Land tenure -- Data processing.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Construction and Environment
Pages: x, 91 pages : illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: With urbanization, the population of cities has increased rapidly coupled with land resources depleting. Simultaneously, complex structures including above ground and underground are built to adjust both the population expanding and land resource limitation. Current 2D land parcel registration is not adequate to either handle the construction complexity or explicitly describe the right division on vertical dimension. In this regard, 3D cadastre is introduced. With a 3D cadastre system, registration approach is not limited to 2D land parcel but extended to 3D bounded space,which is a prospective solution for better land resource management. However, the complexity in 3D data acquisition challenges the development of the 3D cadaster in practical implementation. Conventionally,land survey and 2D floor plan are main data source for 3D cadastral unit construction. Their feasibility has been proven in practical application, but their limitation is obvious as well. Earlier research has showed the benefits of improve 2D land parcel to 3D cadastre management, and performed the cadastral unit construction with either of two data source. In addition, studies argue the complexity and expense of these two data source acquisition, which also impedes the development of 3D cadastre. In addition, existing 3D model is capable to be converted and reconstructed the 3D cadastral unit. The research of integrating BIM with 3D cadastre is conducted, but merely aims to modeling cadastral unit in BIM model. Nevertheless, less research consider using BIM model as data source for cadastre study. Thereby, we investigate the feasibility of BIM model as data input for the 3D cadastral unit construction in this paper. In our study, we first identify the similar and different requirement of BIM model and cadastral unit by analyzing their nature characteristics of spatial data modeling. Also, the current practices of both cadastre and BIM development in Hong Kong is concerned to achieve significant conclusion. Then, implementation of converting BIM model to cadastral unit is conducted. Throughout the conversion, advantages as well as disadvantages of utilizing BIM model are summarized. Finally, we compare BIM to the two traditional data sources for 3D cadastral unit construction and identify the better one for Hong Kong's implementation.
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