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dc.titleEnhancing destination marketing by smartphone applications in national tourism organizations : the cases of Hong Kong and South Koreaen_US
dcterms.abstractCurrently, many destination marketing organizations have been experiencing the overwhelming demand for adopting smartphones in their marketing strategies in the highly competitive environment. Tourism organization should develop the quality of travel information, offer more effectiveness, and improve applications in which smartphones could contribute to tourism industry by not only providing travel information but also adding value to tourists' experience. However, not many researches on measures for consumer's perceived value have been found in electronic environment.Moreover, the ubiquity of mobile services changes consumer's demands and the uncertainty about what consumer values emerges. Therefore, understanding value propositions in mobile services becomes critical. It is required to understand not only the demand side but also the supply side of value propositions. Specifically, this study will focus on National Tourism Organization (NTO)'s marketing strategies since they are the strongest travel motivator for destinations and they focus on marketing at the national level, which leads to broader perspective on overall destination marketing. The aim of this study is to examine NTO's value propositions on smartphone marketing and tourist's value perceptions for NTO's smartphone applications in which practical implications is suggested for enhancing NTO's destination marketing by comparing NTO's value propositions with tourist's actual perceived values on its smartphone applications. Therefore, it offers the direction for NTO's business strategy by comparatively identifying marketer's side and consumer's side. The objectives of this study are addressed through the use of qualitative method which involved in-depth interviews and focus group interview. In particular, this study focuses on Hong Kong and South Korea (Korea) considering their fast increasing potential and market share. Results of the current study revealed seven value aspects for NTO's value propositions: aesthetic value, functional value, hedonic value, organizational value, social value, technological,and user experience value. Results also uncovered that functional value is the key value to address tourist's information needs and social value is less critical compared to other value. Furthermore, new value aspects for NTO's smartphone marketing which has not been mentioned in previous research related to mobile value aspect emerge: organizational value and technological value. These are proposed by a conceptual framework in which it is addressed that NTO's effort on understanding tourist's needs and the influence of tourist's perceived values on NTO's value propositions circulate continuously throughout whole smartphone marketing process and ultimately affect creating valuable smartphone applications whereby tourist enhance tourism experience. It is recommended that NTO should mainly focus on providing information for their smartphone applications and particularly, consider in which phase the applications will be often used because tourist's information needs vary depending on when to use smartphone applications. This study extends and enhances past research by not only identifying value proposition aspects on NTO's smartphone applications but also building a conceptual framework that would foster NTO's understanding of tourist value perceptions and its smartphone marketing.en_US
dcterms.extentx, 196 pages : color illustrationsen_US
dcterms.educationalLevelAll Doctorateen_US
dcterms.LCSHTourism -- China -- Hong Kong.en_US
dcterms.LCSHTourism -- South Korea.en_US
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