Author: Lao, Xiangzhou
Title: Efficient mixed-organic-cation perovskite solar cells using metal-organic framework as mesoporous scaffold
Advisors: Zhou, L. M. (ME)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2016
Subject: Solar cells -- Materials.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Pages: xv, 112 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Organic-inorganic hybrid lead halide perovskite solar cells attract much attention due to their high power conversion efficiency (PCE). The photovoltaic performance of perovskite solar cells is closely related to the perovskite material and film quality. The narrower bandgap of promising perovskite material formamidinium lead iodide (FAPbI₃) allows broader absorption of the solar spectrum relative to conventional perovskite material methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI₃), but FAPbI₃ suffers from phase instability. In this dissertation, the solar cells based on mixed-organic-cation MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ perovskite were fabricated via Lewis base adduct of a small excess of PbI₂ and using UiO-66 as mesoporous scaffold. The crystal phase of MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ perovskite was identified and compared with the conventional perovskite MAPbI₃. The morphologies of MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ perovskite film on UiO-66 mesoporous scaffold and compact TiO₂ layer were studied. Photovoltaic performance of three types of solar cells (MAPbI₃ with UiO-66, MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ without UiO-66, and MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ with UiO-66) were compared and discussed. A PCE as high as 17.9% measured at reverse scan and average PCE of 14.4% were demonstrated from the MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ with UiO-66 cell. The superior photovoltaic performance of MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ with UiO-66 cell to the other two types of cells may be attributed to excellent light harvesting ability and carrier-collection efficiency of MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃, enhanced morphology of MA₀.₆FA₀.₄PbI₃ perovskite film on the UiO-66 mesoporous scaffold.
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