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Department:School of Hotel and Tourism Managementen_US
Author:Chau, Shuk-mun Salotten_US
Title:Academic satisfaction in hospitality and tourism education in Hong Kong : the influence of active learning, academic motivation and student engagementen_US
Abstract:The tourism and hospitality industries are experiencing significant growth which is predicted to persist in the coming decade according to UNWTO. The sustainability of growth depends on whether sufficient human capital is available to maintain the continual growth and momentum of the industry. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for tourism and hospitality education to train the new generation by equipping those who intend to join this industry with practical skills and knowledge. There is a critical issue for hospitality education providers on how to retain students to complete their studies and even pursue further studies in hospitality and tourism programmes so that potential talents can be retained. This study aims to construct a conceptual framework around academic satisfaction, seeking to discover its determinants including active learning, student engagement and academic motivation and their respective relationships. In fact, academic satisfaction affects an institution's competitive advantages, student retention and potential development of continuing education. The research objectives of this study are as follows: (1) To explore and identify the measurement items of active learning, academic motivation, student engagement, and academic satisfaction in hospitality and tourism education; (2) To propose and test a hypothesized model explaining the direct or indirect impacts of active learning, academic motivation and student engagement on academic satisfaction in hospitality and tourism education; (3) To make recommendations for applying active learning and promoting academic motivation to enhance student engagement and academic satisfaction in hospitality and tourism education.en_US
Abstract:Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were adopted in this exploratory study. In-depth interviews and focus group interviews were used to identify active learning items used in tourism and hospitality education. Class observations were also made to verify the interrelationships among four constructs. At a later stage of the study, a survey was conducted to tourism and hospitality students in 11 academic institutions in Hong Kong. Structural Equation Modelling was used to analyze and establish the magnitude and relationships among the four constructs: active learning, academic motivation, student engagement, and academic satisfaction. The results of this study confirm the positive relationship of active learning, academic motivation and student engagement on academic satisfaction. Seven hypotheses were developed, tested and confirmed. The results demonstrate the positive impacts of active learning, academic motivation, and student engagement on academic satisfaction. Active learning and academic motivation also positively impact student engagement. Finally, the construct of student engagement plays a mediating role between active learning and academic satisfaction as well as between academic motivation and academic satisfaction. Recommendations are made explicitly on enhancing academic satisfaction in the study. This conceptual model of academic satisfaction contributes theoretically to tourism and hospitality education. This study has practical application as well, providing support for hospitality educators and administrators to formulate proper teaching and learning strategies in order to train and retain future talents in the industry which would enable sustainable growth and development.en_US
Pages:xv, 235 pagesen_US
Degree:All Doctorateen_US
Subject:Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertationsen_US
Subject:Tourism -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- China -- Hong Kong.en_US
Subject:Hotel management -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- China -- Hong Kong.en_US
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