Author: White, Chris
Title: Exploring the role of interpretative planning in the adaptive re-use and "revitalization" of urban heritage sites in Hong Kong
Degree: DHTM
Year: 2016
Subject: Heritage tourism -- China -- Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: vii, 151 pages : illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Heritage tourism is a global multi-million dollar tourism phenomenon that impacts on national, regional and local aspects of cultural identity. Hong Kong finds itself at the confluence of a number of post-colonial economic, political and social developments and with this is coming a greater awareness of a need for more meaningful cultural and heritage tourism products, in particular revitalised heritage attractions. This exploratory study looks at why - when the stated primary intention of so many urban heritage revitalization projects is to tell the story of the site for the purposes of cultural tourism - does the interpretive element of these projects so often get diminished during the course of implementation and what can be done about it?' Whilst there is a lack of theoretical and practical background as to how the twin forces of interpretation and commodification actually work within these projects, the study aims to develop a framework of understanding and identify the contextual issues related to this process. Taking a qualitative approach of semi-structured in-depth interviews with practitioners and stakeholders in the field, the study outlines five propositions that may inform the role of interpretation in urban heritage revitalization projects in Hong Kong going forward. The findings of this study suggest that, as issues of local identity become ever more important in Hong Kong, improvements to the integration of the role of interpretation in the development of its heritage tourism products need to be holistic, and across public, private and non-governmental sectors.
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