Author: Zhong, Zheng
Title: The impact of spontaneous activities generated by residents in public space, case study in Chengdu
Advisors: Yeung, Stanley (BRE)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2017
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Public spaces -- China -- Chengdu
City planning -- China -- Chengdu
City and town life -- China -- Chengdu
Department: Faculty of Construction and Environment
Pages: xiii, 129 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Urban public space is an important part of urban planning and urban design, it can build a connection between different people. But different people have different views on public spaces, so the view create the spontaneous activities on public space. The thesis that analyzing the impact of spontaneous activities in public space in a large-scale city, Chengdu. With the development of Chengdu, the urban public space changed sharply. Although Chengdu public space changed too fast in these years, but residents still conserve some older and traditional activities using on public space. The analysis focus on three different parts: Form, Activity and Image/Symbols. The thesis focus on four important public spaces in Chengdu to observe the composition and properties of public space, the spontaneous formation of groups or individuals, in this way can guide the people to pay attention to the daily spontaneous activates of society. This analysis contains the literature study, observation and interviews. Though the studies, some questions should be concentrated on.. How did the planners think the present planning and how they want to do in the future design? . How does the Chengdu public space like? . How did the residents use the public spaces, or are there any spontaneous activities in the spaces? . In the future, how to design the public spaces to fully meet the demands of users? Though the analysis, it is clearly found that the urban planning and urban design in Chengdu is a top-down process which the residents can hardly participant. The focus of the planning is the on the certain data like greening rate, floor area ratio. Though the planning, the area is divided by different functions, like residential area, industrial area and commercial area. The areas are not combine with each other. So the appearance of design is reasonable, but the function not work well since the separate sites. Another finding is that spontaneous activities which represent the tradition and culture is still lively in the older people. The residents like using the public space to carry out the different activities like playing chess, playing Mahjong, playing badminton. The spaces which used for these activities is not planning for these functions, always seems as the function of transit and rest. Though these major findings, it is clearly that urban planning which is top-down strategy lack of community participation, so the design is separated from people, so the urban spaces are not humanity scale. In order to make the design efficiency, the participating design is necessary. It can make the urban public space efficiency, and people can understand how to use it. And also this strategy can ensure the continuity of their life that contributes to the cultural significance of the place.
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