Author: Chu, Buston
Title: Can corporate social responsibilities drive customer and employee citizenship behaviours : its mediating mechanism and the boundary condition of customer participation
Degree: D.B.A.
Year: 2017
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Social responsibility of business
Industries -- Social aspects
Department: Faculty of Business
Pages: 163 pages : illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Adopting the theoretical lens of social identity and social exchange theories, this study examined the effect of both customers' and employees' perceived firm's Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) on customer's citizenship behaviors (CCB) and employees' organizational citizenship behaviors toward customers (OCB-C), respectively. Specifically, this research puts forth to investigate the underlying identification mechanism and the boundary condition of customer participation for the impact of CSR. Accordingly, the objectives of this study are threefold: 1/ to investigate the impact of firm's CSR activity on both customers' and employees' citizenship behaviours with the social exchange theory; 2/ to examine organizational identification (i.e., customer-firm and employee-firm identifications) as the underlying mechanism that channels the effects of a firm's CSR activity to the participants' citizenship behaviours with the social identity theory; and 3/ to further explore the level of customer participation in the CSR activity as the boundary condition that could possibly moderate the mediating effects of customers' and employees' identification formation. A cross-sectional survey study with data from 228 customers and 200 employees from an international airline were collected to understand the views of customers and employees in this dyadic relationship. This study found supports to the proposition that customers will be motivated to reciprocate the firm's CSR activities with their citizenship behaviors ("CCB") through forming a strong identification with the firm (i.e. customer-firm identification). Specifically, the effect of their perception of the firm's CSR activities on their formation of customer-firm identification gets stronger when their participation is high. Likewise, employees will reciprocate their firm's CSR activities with their citizenship behaviours (OCB-C) through forming a strong identification with the firm (i.e., employee-firm identification) but such mediating mechanism gets weaker when customers' participation in those activities is high. This study contributes with insights to managers in maximizing the positive impacts of CSR actions by deploying effective strategies attributable to their corporate sustainability. Specifically, it uncovers a double-edged sword effect of customer participation by showing that involving customer participation in CSR activities will strengthen the positive effect of CSR activities on customer-firm identification but also weaken the effect on employee-firm identification, i.e. a contrasting effect of customer participation on firm-identification in their firm's CSR initiatives. It further enriches our understanding about the impacts of a firm's CSR practices by bridging literatures from the fields of CSR, Citizenship Behaviours and Customer Participation. Moreover, it enriches the social exchange theory by bringing in the social identity theory to explain the predictions of citizenship behaviours pertaining to the mediation of firm-identification.
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