Author: Chuang, Shih Jung
Title: Work ethics of generation Y employees in Taiwanese chain restaurants
Degree: DHTM
Year: 2017
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Work ethic -- Taiwan
Business ethics -- Taiwan
Chain restaurants -- Taiwan
Employee motivation
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: xi, 233 pages : illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Work ethics is currently a hotly debated issue in the workplace. This is partly because of the fact that work ethics is an issue that involves human behavior. In 2010, Taiwan Chain Stores and Franchise Association (TCFA) conducted an investigation of their employees' ethical performance. Their findings reveal that most of Taiwan's chain restaurants managers and employers perceive the work ethics of young employees as a critical issue, Gen Y employees in particular. This review of ethics perception indicates that many Gen Y employees do not believe that work ethics reflect the contemporary workplace environment. Furthermore, many Gen Y employees hold a different interpretation of work ethics and question the feasibility of implementing such ethics standards within restaurant chains. In view of this ongoing debate, between Gen Y and other stakeholders regarding work ethics, this study aims to investigate the work ethics perceptions of Gen Y employees and stakeholders. This study utilizes a qualitative approach, including in-depth interviews, to gain insights regarding Gen Y ethical perceptions in the workplace. These opinions have been obtained from relevant stakeholders, such as Gen Y employees, chain restaurant managers, hospitality educators and customers. Accordingly, this study finds that Gen Y respondents view work ethics as a series of ethics standards and workplace regulations which aim to manage employees' ethics performances. This unique interpretation is very different from other stakeholders' ethics perception which comprise an individual system of workplace morality. Gen Y employees also show serious concerns regarding fairness and the ethics codes implementation. Moreover, this study also reveals that most respondents agree that there is a critical need for ethics codes revision. Educator respondents suggest such revision should entail a two-way approach which would include the opinions of Gen Y employees. Meanwhile, current ethics education within hospitality institutes lacks appropriate curriculum design and experienced educators, and does not align with the current chain restaurants work situations. As a result, this study recommends that chain restaurants corporations and their managers need to be aware of the unique characteristics of Gen Y employees and their ethics perception. Thus, chain restaurants managers will be able to deliver proper ethics policy and codes for managing Gen Y employees. This study also recommends that hospitality institutes should establish and maintain better connections with the chain restaurants industry in order to obtain relevant and updated materials for ethics education and curriculum design.
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