Author: Wang, Heshou
Title: Integrated optimal design of permanent magnet in-wheel motors
Advisors: Fu, W. N. (EE)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2018
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Electric vehicles -- Motors
Electric motors
Electric power transmission
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Pages: v, 65 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: In-Wheel motor is a kind of motor that is mounted on the wheel. Theoretically, it can save much space for vehicles because the elimination of transmission gears, thereby reducing the heavy, complicated and expensive mechanical differential. Besides, it can perfectly accomplish that different wheel can have different working status including speed, torque and acceleration. Furthermore, Vernier Permanent Magnet(VPM) motor is suitable for severing as a direct drive for in-wheel propulsion. So, in this dissertation, 5 types of different VPM motors are introduced to meet the design goals. The original information is another part needed to be calculated for gaining the basic design goals. Through mathematical calculation, the basic data for designing in-wheel motors can be concluded. Different motors are designed from different acceleration goal since acceleration is the key factor to determine the output torque of these motors. And output torque is the most important motor parameter because it is the basic design aim that we need to complete. Based on this basic demand, then other parameters can be designed and optimized to achieve better motor performance. Different research methods are introduced in this dissertation including Time-stepping finite element method (TS-FEM) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) programming optimization program. In terms of Finite Element Method, the electromagnetic field in the motors is modelled by 2-D TS-FEM under the Ansys Maxwell condition. The electromagnetic characteristics of specific wheel motor will be thoroughly analyzed including, back-EMF, output torque, power factor, and imbalanced force. Design and optimization of different motors is the key of the dissertation. With the integrated design and simulation, we can get more accurate optimal model of the in-wheel motor. Especially, GA optimization program offers a way that it can help to reach a higher level of machine optimization since GA is a remarkable algorithm to gain the optimal generations from the original generation. So, A multi-objective optimization method will be used to determine the best design. Finally, all the results are supposed to be compared and the most suitable motors will be selected according for different mechanical performance requirements.
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