Author: Liu, Yuqing
Title: Design of dual-band reconfigurable antennas
Advisors: Tam, Wai Yip (EIE)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2016
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Antennas (Electronics) -- Design and construction
Antenna arrays
Department: Department of Electronic and Information Engineering
Pages: viii, 67 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Because of its small in size, simple in structure and conformal to curved surfaces, slot antennas are widely used in wireless communication systems for many years. Reconfigurable slot antenna which makes it utilization frequency bandwidth more efficient can further enhance its applicability. Lumped reactive components and varactors are proposed to adjust the resonant electrical length of antenna so that change its operating frequency. In the design, bended slot antenna is used to reduce the antenna size. Lumped elements of capacitors, inductors and varactors are used to tune the operating frequencies of antennas. The performance of using different values and combinations of reactive components is investigated. These reactive components are used to design compact single-band, dual-band and reconfigurable dual-band slot antennas. Dual-band antennas are designed to work at 1.575 GHz of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and 2.45 GHz of the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) frequency bands. All of these designs use a single coaxial line fed on a bended line. In the reconfigurable design, two DC voltage sources are employed to control the capacitance of two varactors to tuning the two resonance frequencies simultaneously. Full wave simulations and measurements of scattering parameters and far-field patterns were carried out. The measurement results are well agreed with the simulations.
Rights: All rights reserved
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