Author: Wang, Binbin
Title: Research on marketing strategy of transparent heat insulation paints in China
Advisors: Yang, Hongxing (BSE)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2018
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Insulating materials -- Testing
Buildings -- Energy conservation
Department: Faculty of Construction and Environment
Pages: 74 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Since the opening up policy, people's requirements for work and living conditions have been continuously improved in mainland Chines and the proportion of various glass applications in buildings has shown a clear upward trend, especially with the demand of variety of buildings, vehicles and ships. At present, 99% of the 4.5 billion squares of public buildings in China is composed with high energy consumption buildings. However, the popularity rate of transparent heat-insulation paints for doors and windows, which are the main energy consumption sources, is less than 10%. In addition, there are little transparent and heat-insulating paints on the glass of vehicles and ships, which increases energy consumption and air pollution. The importance and urgency of energy-saving and emission reduction is increasingly prominent. For this reason, "CPC Central Committee's Proposal for Formulating the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" clearly stipulates that the total energy consumption reduction of urban construction in China should reach more than 65% in developed northern coastal regions and megacities by 2020. However, in fact, the number in some cities has not yet exceeded 30%. Heat insulation paints is the top priority for building energy-saving, so glass insulation paints will have a huge market space. However, due to the late start of research and development of heat insulation paints in China, a large amount of research work is mainly tracking foreign research results. There is still a large gap of applications and research outcomes between our country and developed countries. At present, the supply in the domestic market is still insufficient as 85% of the products need to be imported and the high price of the products makes glass heat insulation paints not widely applicable. Domestically, most of such paints are in the stage of experiments, and many research results have not yet been industrialized. Moreover, advertising and promotion of transparent heat insulation paints are not enough, so the extensive application of transparent heat insulation paints in China still needs a lot of work. These tasks are not limited to scientific research, but also market promotion. How to gain a certain market share in the market for heat insulation paints and obtain considerable profits is significant to glass heat insulation paints industry. This dissertation is to develop how to develop the market for promoting the paints. Fortunately, the novel High Dispersed Transparent Heat Insulation paint for glass, developed by the R&D team of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is a supreme product with high transmittance rate, high resistance rate of infrared ray, and high UV blocking rate. It controls the cost to be half of the current imported products at the same quality level. The high level of research ability and all self-supplied raw materials will be the core competitiveness of the products. This dissertation will analyze the status of supply and demand of heat insulation paints in Chinese market and then use business models to analyze the market strategy of the introduction of the product.
This dissertation uses three research methods and five business models to fully support its rationality. The research methods are the qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, and literature research. Qualitative analysis uses commonly acknowledged axioms, deduction logics and a large number of historical facts as the basis for analysis. Starting from the contradictions, describe and explain the status quo of the market of glass heat insulation paints and the marketing strategies when entering the market. Quantitative methods collect a lot of first-hand and second-hand data to fully support marketing strategies. In addition, time series research method as one of quantitative methods is also used to solve forecasting of demand and supply problems. Literature research is based on existing theories to analyze, reclassify, propose a proposal, and redesign it into actionable literature research activities to form a scientific understanding to the facts. The business models include the PEST, Five Forces, SWOT, STP, and 4ps, which can conduct a comprehensive analysis of China's glass heat insulation paints market and introduction of new products from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. PEST can help companies analyze external macro environment. Porter's five-force model can analyze the basic industry competition situation. SWOT model allows companies to focus resources on the development of core competitiveness. These three models scientifically analyze industries and companies from the macro, meso, and micro levels, then use the STP to determine the target market and adopt coverage strategy of new products. Finally, the dissertation adopts the B2B+4ps marketing theory for a company to introduce new products into the market. In aspect of products, the company provides good quality and return & replace service, in terms of price, the paper adopts 20 discount policy and pre-paid method. As for place, the dissertation chooses b2b platform to concentrate resources and maximize the profits. For promotion, the company can donate supporting tools, join associations and exhibitions. The dissertation is divided into 9 chapters: Chapter 1 includes an abstract and acknowledgement; Chapter 2 is the literature review; Chapter 3 is the research method and Chapter 4 is about the transparent heat insulation paints industry. Chapter 5 analyzes and predictions and status quo of the transparent insulation paints market in China. Chapter 6 summarizes the competitive situation of the Chinese glass heat insulation paints market. Chapter 7 analyzes the marketing strategies which should be adopted by that Hong Kong Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Chapter 8 recommends some marketing strategy risks. Chapter 9 summarizes the whole content of the dissertation. Due to the professionalism of the transparent heat insulation paints industry, this dissertation mainly analyzes the transparent heat insulation paints in Chinese market from the perspective of marketing and hopes to provide scientific basis and support for enterprises to participate in the market of transparent heat insulation paints in China.
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