Author: Sha, Wenhao
Title: Design and manufacture a device for measuring the thermal conductivity of materials with sub-millimeter dimensions
Advisors: Yao, Haimin (ME)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2018
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Thermal conductivity -- Measurement
Heat -- Conduction -- Measurement
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Pages: xiii, 77 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: It is always significant for engineers and scientists to measure thermal properties of unknown materials, like biological materials, composites materials etc. There are many interests in thermal conductivity and diffusivity measurement. A number of measuring methods have been demonstrated to be available and effective for most solid-state materials. There are several frequently used techniques can be divided into two categories, which are a steady-state method and a transient-state method. For all existing steady-state methods for measuring the thermal conductivity of solid materials are required to apply the heat flux in one direction. For most existing transient methods, the density and the specific heat are two important parameters must be known by separate experiments for calculating the thermal conductivities. Laser flash method is a famous representative of transient methods, but due to the high power of laser, it can easily burn out the samples like biological material, also some thin-film like materials are not suitable for this method. Nowadays, researchers prefer to develop transient-methods to measure the thermal conductivity, because they are more accurate and less time-consuming comparing to steady-state methods. But just like laser flash method, density and specific heat are two important parameters must be known, which makes it very difficult to obtain thermal conductivity of biological materials. Some nature biological materials can be very small and brittle, most of them are like a porous structure, getting their density and specific heat is really hard. For the purpose to measure the thermal conductivity of biological materials, a new method was developed, and the method can be used to measure the thermal conductivity of materials without knowing their density and specific heat. A setup based on this method was established, especially for completing the mission to measure the thermal conductivity of bombardier beetle's reaction chamber, also the method can be used to measure the thermal conductivity of thin films.
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