Author: Kong, Pui-keung Anthony
Title: Exploring hospitality and tourism learners' perceptions and expectations of MOOCs among different levels of study in higher education
Degree: DHTM
Year: 2018
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Tourism -- Study and teaching
Hotel management -- Study and teaching
MOOCs (Web-based instruction)
Distance education
Web-based instruction
Computer-assisted instruction
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: ix, 174 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: The development of technology affords an unprecedented opportunity for higher education in the digital era. Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) have recently burst onto the scene and may well prove to be a good way to teach and learn. This study aims to explore the relationship among learners' perceptions and expectations of MOOCs among Hong Kong hospitality and tourism students, which facilitates teaching and learning of hospitality and tourism education in the MOOCs-based model. This research study aims to fulfil the research gap and enhance the knowledge of the relationship between different levels of learner and acceptance of MOOCs since little attention has been paid to learners from various levels of study or e-learning in higher education in these fields. There is a lack of related research or academic literature on this research topic, especially from the Asian perspective. An exploratory study with a qualitative approach is applied. Five focus group interviews are designed to conduct the research and obtain the data on learners' views on MOOCs. The interviewees are learners from four different levels of study in post-secondary education as well as one practitioner group from industry in Hong Kong and under investigation to identify to what extent to take courses with MOOCs. The findings show the learners are found in distinction in both their perceptions and expectations among different levels of study. The learners' similarities were found within the same level of study. This study result provides insights for both contributor and learner with MOOCs. This research investigates perceptions and expectations of MOOCs in higher education to harvest and categorise existing types of online courses according to their levels of study to construct a clearer understanding of the field. The perceptions and expectations of learners using MOOCs affect the design and development, so the results provide a first picture of MOOC learning in hospitality and tourism education. The study reveals that hospitality and tourism learners' learning preferences are closely related to their levels of study of technology, and the learners from higher levels of study adapt better on MOOCs. The findings show that MOOC learners could be categorised into three preference groups: 1. Sub-degree and undergraduate learner (Blended learning), 2. Postgraduate learner (Open resources learning), and 3. In-Service learner (Professional continuous learning). Recommendations and suggestions are also indicated.
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