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1999A model for enhancing occupational health and safety for local manufacturing industriesNg, Wing-che Caroline
1999A model of organizational citizenship behavior : the mediating role of trust and empowermentWat, Dennis K. C
1999A model to provide better performance and fault tolerance for small-size distributed systemsLiu, Ping-sun Peter
1999Modelling of semi-random growth of trees during the electrical breakdown of solid insulationFung, Chiu-wah
1999Models for some mechanical properties of particulate-filled composite materialsLuk, Wai-lap
1999Modern technique in maintenance management of electrical equipment in Hong Kong power stationWong, Shing-sing
1999Multistage fuzzy neural networks : architectures, algorithms and analysisDuan, Ji-cheng
1999Natural smoke filling process in atriaWong, Pui-fun Derick
1999New airport transportation system : a service quality perspective from the Airport Express LineLai, Hon-weng
1999Noise control for fan duct system using reactive silencerLeung, Ka-fung
1999A novel algorithm for unnecessary handover preventionLee, Ying-kam Victor
1999Numerical and analytical solutions for consolidation analysis of soils without and with vertical drainsZhu, Guofu
1999Numerical computation of S2 flow through impeller of radial-flow gas turbineWong, Kwok-wai
1999Nurses' attitudes towards breast-feedingMak, Yim-wah
1999Nurses' perceptions of their roles in resolving ethical dilemmasCheng, Choi-kuen Karen
1999A nursing assessment of the health status of older people after discharge from hospitalLeung, Mui-ying Rita
1999Object model verification using knowledge base approachLee, Wai-kit Ricky
1999Object-oriented approach for timetablingChan, Choi-wing
1999Odour impact assessment & analysis at seven refuse collection points in Hong KongLoh, Yew-leong Lawrence
1999Olefin epoxidation catalyzed by ruthenium porphyrins using dioxygen as oxidantChan, Wing-hang