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2020Properties and microstructure of light-weight wood-magnesium oxychloride cement compositesHe, Pingping
2017Properties of novel 2D materials by strain and thermal engineeringLi, Yanyong
2017Property rights and transfer of development rights (TDR) for conservation of privately-owned built heritage : the Hong Kong caseHou, Jun
2005Proportional hazards models for survival data with long-term survivorsZhao, Xiaobing
2023A proposal for a pedagogical framework of hybrid teaching and learning for tourism and hospitality educationYip, So King Kristy
2022Prospecting social responsibility : identifying gain and loss frames in CSR reports of petroleum companiesChen, Jieyu
2010A prospective cohort study on influencing factors of pressure ulcer development in Hong Kong private nursing homesAboo, Gloria Halima
2024Prospective memory training in healthy older adults : A systematic review and an experiment of mindfulness induction to improve prospective memoryTsang, Pak Lik
2019A prospective randomized clinical trial to investigate the effect of mechanical stimulation on mastectomy scarsLeung, Ka Po Andrea
2007Protection coordination in power system with distributed generationsWan, Hui
2022Protection of human rights for the intellectually disabled adults in Hong KongLi, Kim Chuen
2019The protective effects and related mechanisms of natural polysaccharides on probiotic bacteria against antibiotic damageMao, Yu-heng
2013Protective effects of desacyl ghrelin on doxorubicin-induced and diabetic cardiomyopathyPei, Xiao Meng
2003Protective effects of melatonin as an antioxidant and immunomodulator inburn injury of ratsHan, Xiaohua
2015Protective mechanisms of resveratrol in ageing muscle and muscle disordersSin, Ka Wai Thomas
2007Protein engineering of class A and C b-lactamases for b-lactam antibiotic detectionTsang, Man-wah
2014Protein subcellular localization : gene ontology based machine learning approachesWan, Shibiao
2012Proteome changes in the somatosensory cortex of rats upon chronic exposure to low-dose methyl-mercuryKong, Hang Kin
2016Proteome profiling and relative quantification of protein expressions in the chick vitreous and retina during compensated ocular growthYu, Fengjuan
2004Proteomic approach to characterize differential protein expression in toxic and harmful algal bloom species (HABs)Chan, Lai Leo