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2011Uncovering road network structure through complex network analysisZhang, Hong
2005Uncovering the dark sides of long-term marketing relationshipLaw, Chui-chui Monica
2021Understanding and evaluating urban quality of life for enhancing sustainable urban development : a dual-complex-adaptive-system (U2-CAS)Lam, Suen Man Schuman
2018Understanding and modelling of transient air-water flows in urban stormwater drainage system : with a focus on spring-like geyserLi, Fei
2009Understanding consumer purchasing behaviour regarding luxury fashion-related goods in ChinaGao, Ling
2020Understanding environmental and economic trade-offs in sewage-derived energy systems : a stoichiometric life-cycle approachAlvarado Roman, Valeria Isabel
2017Understanding human comprehension and attention in readingLi, Jiajia
2021Understanding human factors issues in immersive virtual and augmented reality applications for constructionAbbas, Ali
2019Understanding human fashion images : a parse-pose based studyZhou, Yanghong
2019Understanding human intention via non-intrusive capturing of interaction and body signalsFu, Yujun
2009Understanding the effects of social capital factors and individual motivators on knowledge sharing : a study of professional accountants in Hong KongMak, Yin-king
2019Understanding the high leverage of China's listed companiesFung, So Ching Jenny
2000Understanding the individual mutual fund investors in Hong Kong : factors influencing purchase decisionFung, Kin-ming David
2015Understanding the influences of espoused cultural values and faith-in-others on electricity savingKoon, Wai-chee Olivia
2016Understanding the meaning of mentoring of newly graduated registered nurses for good work in Hong KongLaw, Yee Shui
2019Understanding the roles of Zn1 ion in New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1 by kinetic assays and molecular dynamics simulations of protein mutantsFung, Yik Hong
2015Understanding the small tourism business owner in historical towns : the change of attitude with destination evolutionWang, Sha
2020Unified framework for predicting customer values by using a set of customer metricsManosuthi, Noppadol
2019Unravelling sharing economy : experiences from Hong KongLai, Ka Wai Michael
2013The "unreal" estate : how does investor sentiment predict the future "real" estate returns of residential property in Hong Kong?Lam, Hei Ling Charles