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2021Dai Zhen's (1724-1777) sources of knowledge and transition of thoughts王安琪; Wang, Anqi
2015Dajiangyou : media practices of vernacular creativity in postdigital ChinaDe Seta, Gabriele
2005Damage analysis of particulate biocomposites using finite element techniqueFan, Jianping
2010Damage detection and reliability assessment of building structures using stochastic approachesZhang, Juan
2008Damage identification from wavelet-based acceleration response sensitivityLi, Xueyan
2017Damage identification of civil structures via response reconstructionZhang, Chaodong
2020The damage-associated molecular pattern molecule S100A4 exerts robust mucosal adjuvant activitySen Chaudhuri, Arka
2012Damping controller designs to suppress inter-area oscillations in power systems by using novel eigenstructure-based indexesKe, Deping
2015Data acquisition and transmission in smart vehicle based community sensingHe, Zongjian
2022Data analytics for improving shipping efficiency : models, methods, and applicationsYan, Ran
2010Data dissemination and sharing in mobile computing environmentsFan, Xiaopeng
2019Data-driven analytics of human dynamics using privacy-sensitive dataShen, Jiaxing
2021Data-driven deep reinforcement learning for decision-making applicationsWang, Jia
2022Data-efficient, memory-effective, and shape priors-constrained learning for segmenting medical imagesSong, Youyi
2006Daylighting performance assessment methods for high-rise residential buildings in a dense urban environmentCheung, Hiu-dan
2000A DBA research thesis on blueprinting as a strategic tool for managing service quality : a study of a retail bank in Hong KongChan, Yiu-wa Victor
2015DC magnetoelectric sensors for electrical monitoring applicationsZhang, Long
2020"Dealing and dwelling with demons, spirits and other beings on the marketplace" : purity, ritual and authorship among Nuosu-Yi scriptural ritualists in contemporary LiangshanKarlach, Jan
2016Debonding failure in FRP-strengthened RC beams : prediction and suppressionFu, Bing
2005Debonding failures in RC beams and slabs strengthened with FRP platesYao, Jian