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2010QFD-based curriculum planning for vocational educationChan, Yin-ping
2013Qi-ju design knowledge : an historical and methodological exploration of classical Chinese texts on everyday objectsTang, Weichen
2013A qualitative assessment of the 7 greens policy implementation : a case study of Samui IslandMuangasame, Kaewta
2003Qualitative bond graph approach to intelligent supervisory coordinatorLo, Chi-hang
2020Quality control methods in sequential data assimilation system and applications in short-term traffic flow forecastingWang, Runjie
2020Quality function deployment optimization from game-theoretic and fuzzy perspectivesMiao, Yunwen
2019Quality improvement and supply chain management model for equipment manufacturers in mainland ChinaLee, Bo Shing Alfred
2015Quality of services and user experience in wireless vehicular internet accessZhang, Chisheng
2021Quality of transmission estimation and parameter monitoring techniques for next-generation optical networksLu, Jianing
2019Quantification and convergence analysis of two-stage stochastic variational inequality problemsJiang, Jie
2016Quantification of luminous comfort with dynamic daylight metrics for energy-efficient residential buildingsXue, Peng
2018Quantification of the forecasting uncertainty in smart gridChai, Songjian
2019Quantifying the economic and environmental linkage and leakage of the construction sector in an urban economyHung, Chang-wei Cathy
2020A quantitative analysis and modeling of human thermal sensation and comfort in outdoor spacesXie, Yongxin
2015Quantitative analysis in supply chain outsourcingJiang, Yanmin
2018Quantitative analysis of hemodynamic state and muscle atrophy of residual limb after trans-femoral amputationDong, Ruiqi
2023Quantitative assessment of the leaching of heavy metals and PAHs from asphalt pavements and its impactZou, Fuliao
2022Quantitative characterization of three-dimensional fatigue cracks using nonlinear ultrasonic waves : a framework from analytical modeling to noncontact implementationXu, Lei
2024Quantitative electron diffraction and spectroscopy and their application on polymers and 2D materialsChen, Changsheng
2002Quantitative evaluation of colour emotionsCheng, Ka-man