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2011Wall shear stress sensing, friction drag reduction, and the wake of two staggered cylindersBai, Honglei
2017War and will : a multisemiotic analysis of metal gear solid 4Ng, Carman
2016Water quality monitoring in Hong Kong using remote sensingNazeer, Majid
2021Waterborne epoxy resin modified bitumen emulsion as a high-performance cold paving binder : working mechanism and engineering performanceLi, Rui
2022Wavefront shaping-empowered multimode fiber and its applications within and beyond biomedicineZhong, Tianting
2015"We" like fair trade products more than "I"? : The impact of self-construal on consumer reactions to fair trade productsSo, Pui Sai Patricia
2016Wealth transfer effect revisited : evidence from stock and CDS market reactions to share repurchaseJim, Wai Kee
2012Wearable body area sensor networks for continuous dynamic health monitoring in daily activities : case study of intelligent footwear systemShu, Lin
2022Wearable electronics based on polyamide fibrous membrane powered by hydrogeneratorYang, Su
2010Web-based data mining and discovery of useful herbal ingredients (WD²UHI)Wong, Ho Kei Jackei
2018'WeChat wants to become the everyday' : an ethno-semiotic study of computerized media, between industries and practices, in Shanghai and Chengdu (2015-2017)Bahroun, Allan
2023What can small and medium-sized independent hotels do to improve revenue management ? An empirical study from China’s hotel industrySun, Li
2019What contributes to the positive outcomes of gospel drug treatment? Insights from the life stories of former drug abusers who turned over a new leafChen, Chau Lin Charlie
2021What determines destination choice of bridal photography tourists?Xu, Di
2020What influence housekeeping supervisors’ intention to stay: the role of occupational identity, perceived occupational status, general self-efficacy and occupational commitmentLau, Kwok Hung John
2018What is academic research in hospitality and tourism management?Chin, Chi Wai David
2008What makes customers discontent with service providers? : an empirical analysis of complaint handling in information and communication technology servicesChan, Chung-yee Hubert
2022What surprises, interests and confuses researchers : knowledge emotions in research articlesWang, Qian
2022What’s in a forced CEO turnover announcement? The cut loss hypothesis on option implied volatilityYiu, Wing Him
2014When migrant factory women return home : their life experiences in fast growing China's hinterlandHan, Yuchen