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2012Multi-tier subcontracting practices in Hong Kong building services industryNgai, Chun Kit
2001Multicast push support for World Wide WebChen, Ching-tsu
2001Multidrug resistance detection in leukemia by flow cytometry with MRK16 monoclonal antibody and functional dye effluxLam, Cheuk-ming Matthew
2009Multimedia ontology integration based-on RDF graph mappingMiao, Xue
2000A multimedia system as an aid for selection of quality tools and techniquesYau, Ka-yi
1995Multimedia work instruction systemLeung, Tak-kit Anders
2014Multimodal analysis of gestures : a case study on delivery of legal speeches on courtroomLeung, Tsz Shan Beatrice
2014A multimodal analysis of the diachronic change of EFL textbooks in ChinaOu, Yuanyuan Helen
2016Multimodal analysis of the film father and daughter : narrative construction and construal of emotionsChen, Hanliang Clement
2016A multimodal discourse analysis on Grindr profilesLai, Yat Han
2009A multiplex PCR for direct detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Chlamydia (Chlamydophila) pneumoniae, and Legionella pneumophila in respiratory specimensMa, Kin-chi Marco
2010Multiplex real-time reverse transcription PCR for detection of influenza virusesYuen, Suk-han
1996Multiscale tomographic reconstruction by wavelet transformChan, Hei-ping
2000Multisensor fusion for image classificationLau, Wai-leung
2017Multivariate time series prediction and classification using machine learningChui, Wai Hin
2003Multiwavelength fiber ring lasersTong, Fu-wa
2013Muscle adaptations in rat skeletal muscle from long term habitual exerciseLeung, Ka Chun
2015Music analysis by time series data miningWang, Meng
2005Music therapy : an intervention to reduce anxiety in mechanically ventilated patientsChung, Siu-wai Anne
2012Mutation particle swarm optimization for multilayer perceptron training with applicationsWu, Jing