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2010B-site cation mixed multiferroic perovskite materialsSuen, Wai-ping
2010B2B e-commerce platform adoption : fitness between features of B2B e-commerce platforms and SME's characteristicsLu, Yingping Stephanie
2000Background separation and mosaic of video sequenceChau, Hin-ling
2017Backpulse and backblow cleaning of nanofiber filter loaded with nano-aerosolsHau, Wing Yi Curie
2009Backward walking in people with Parkinson's diseaseLam, Ngo-sheung
2013The bacterial contamination of laryngoscope handle and the implications of the infection control practice : a pilot study in Hong KongLau, Mei Ying
2011Bacterial contamination of six high-contact items in dirty operating theatresShum, Ho-yi, Connie
2009Balance function of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Shum, Bo-man Selina
2004Balance performance between community-dwelling stroke fallers and non-fallersCheung, Yik-mei
2010Balance performance in children with Developmental Coordination DisorderLee, Yuen-li Velma
1997Balance performance in community-dwelling female elderly fallers and non-fallers in Hong KongHo, Sau-tat
1999The balance performance of Tai Chi and non-Tai Chi practitioners in HongKongNg, Pui-ling Vivien
1996Balancing and control of variable flow chilled water distribution systemWong, Kwok-keung
2012Balancing interests in urban village renewal : a case study of Dachong village in ShenzhenHou, Jun
2021Ballistocardiogram measurements using optical fiber sensor based on Mach-Zehnder interferometersSun, Xueqi
2000Bandwidth allocation algorithms in ATM networksLaw, Man-man
1998Bankruptcy prediction and credit evaluation for small and medium size enterprises : a neural networks-expert system hybrid approachTsang, Shu-fung
2011Banner advertisement and negative online reviews : an analysis of their interaction in customers' perception of hotel imageChen, Yanbin
1999BaPbO3/PE composite for PTCR applicationsYue, I-hung Raymond
2008Barium zirconate titanate thin films for tunable microwave applicationsYun, Pan